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Review of MetaCaseDesk

Review of MetaCaseDesk: A Sharepoint based Helpdesk solution by MetaOption Source : With over 250 000 companies using SharePoint day to day for their collaboration needs, the ecosystem of SharePoint third party vendors has grown tremendously over the past years. Companies invested heavily in their SharePoint deployment and by buying different products that are… Read More »

New Jersey Based MetaOption LLC, Launches “MetaCaseDesk”, a Ticketing & Case Management Software Solution for Businesses Using Microsoft SharePoint

MetaOption LLC is proud to announce the launch of MetaCaseDesk. MetaCaseDesk is a new, innovative IT helpdesk system, ticketing tool, and case management system for businesses running Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2010. Jersey City, NJ — (ReleaseWire) — 05/17/2016 –MetaOption, LLC (“MetaOption”) is proud to announce the launch of MetaCaseDesk. MetaCaseDesk is a new, innovative… Read More »

Feature-Rich MetaCaseDesk for Managing Tickets by businesses

In the recent years, businesses’ dependence on computing devices, such as desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc. has increased tremendously. At the same time, this dependence has resulted in increased number of technical issues (software as well hardware), which organizations must have to fix on a regular basis. Here comes MetaCaseDesk, helping organizations in getting rid… Read More »

The Ticket Life Cycle of MetaCaseDesk

Here is an overview of the ticket life cycle of MetaCaseDesk – an innovative and highly customizable case management, IT helpdesk, and ticketing tool. MetaCaseDesk is a Microsoft SharePoint based case management system. It is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013. The ticket life cycle of  MetaCaseDesk begins when a new ticket is created by the… Read More »

MetaCaseDesk – An Introduction

In this era of competitive market, any business enterprise must go with some exclusive technique that help them to nourish a strong relationship with the customers. Launching of outstanding product in the market is not a great deal to attract customers, but maintaining long-term relationship is a big task. When you have launched any product,… Read More »

Ticketing Tool Based on SharePoint

Introduction to MetaCaseDesk MetaCaseDesk  is basically a Microsoft Office SharePoint based ticketing tool. Moreover, it best fits with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 as well as with office 365 version of SharePoint Online. It is a perfect tool for any company or organization using SharePoint and they prefer to use this case management tool to resolve… Read More »

Grow Your Business with MetaCaseDesk

You have heard the words, ”Customer is always right!” Also, ”You are because of the customer, the customer is not because of you”, so rightly spoken by Mahatma Gandhi. Today, customer service can be delivered flawlessly using technology as efficient as MetaCaseDesk. In other words, you let your business GROW! Business Development with MetaCaseDesk- MetaCaseDesk… Read More »

MetaOption Case Management System with SharePoint

Case Management solutions are utilised in all business organisations to manage an array of functions such as handling customer complaints and claims, resolving disputes, handling information requests, opening new accounts etc. Each working day begets e-mails, phone calls, customer requests, web forms etc. which can overwhelm IT or Human Resource departments. Is it possible to… Read More »