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Manage your warehouse with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

MetaOption’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV WMS (Warehouse Management System) extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV by offering a complete solution for your warehouse, to automatically drive productivity and optimise warehouse capacity.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps SMEs to automate and connect their sales, purchasing, operations, accounting and inventory management. MetaOption helps warehouses work at their most efficient. Together, they’re the perfect pairing. Here are 3 reasons why:

Automate Reconciliation

Reconciling against Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s purchase orders isn’t just easy with MetaOption; it’s automated.

Powerful Picking

MetaOption’s WMS solution determines the best possible picking routes, ensuring quick and accurate picks every time.

Real-time Inventory

Share accurate reads of any and all inventory with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It’s easy to stay in control of your stock levels.

Inventory Management

Easily keep track of your stock items using the comprehensive Inventory Management tools in Dynamics NAV. with setup to specify unit of measures, costing method, inventory posting group, unit cost and price, and a whole range of other features. Integrated with the General Ledger G/L and with the posting processes, the inventory management module permits for a high level of automation, allowing you to focus your time on managing the warehouse.

WMS Inventory Management

Manage Item Vendor Prices

Item purchase costs can be managed at vendor level with special pricing and discount agreements per vendor. Keep track of additional cost components such as freight and insurance (Landed Cost) with Item Charges. Item substitutions allow you to link similar items to cover stock shortages. The Standard Cost Worksheet helps with managing costs by allowing updates without immediate changes to the system.

Bin Setup

Easily set up and maintain your bins by defining both the layout of your warehouse and dimensions of your racks, columns and shelves; set up and maintain your planning parameters by defining the limitations and characteristics of each bin. Using this you can optimize space usage and the picking process, either manually or using the opimising report.

Inventory Tracking

Items can be configured to allow you to manage and track stock based on serial number and/or lot numbers. Assigning serial and lot numbers can be manual or automatic. Expiry dates can be assigned at serial and/or lot level if required. It is possible to track items inbound, outbound or throughout their complete lifecycle within your organisation

  • Budgets

    Make sales and purchase budgets, fully integrated with Microsoft Excel, allowing you to gain information about future expected demand, aiding purchasing and logistics. Track performance by calculating the variance between the budgeted and actual figures.

  • Vendor Rating

    Automatically classify your contacts based on various performance criteria. Manage your suppliers based on simple reporting to allow you to get the most out of your purchasing.

Item Wizard Functionality

Create items quickly by using the item wizard. This functionality provides a template item setup that allows you to enter details in a number of optional and mandatory fields.

Manage Shipments and Receipts

Manage stock coming and going in your warehouses, as well as moving items within the warehouses, by using a fully integrated system that helps to boost efficiency whilst saving you time.

Receive and Put Away

The fully integrated system allows warehouses to receive goods, as well as enabling warehouse workers to create a put away from the released order. To enable ease of use, Put Away is managed from a separate user interface when receiving items in an order-by-order environment. The system also allows for cross-docking to help reduce storage requirements.
Directed Put-Aways allow you to maximize the potential capacity of the warehouse by allocating stock to specific bins in the warehouse.

  • Automated Data Collection System (ADCS) support

    Improve visibility into inventory, and help increase the accuracy and efficiency of your warehouse management picking and putting away of items, physical inventory counts, and moving items from bin to bin with ADCS.

  • Multiple Locations

    Manage your inventory across production plants, distribution centres, warehouses, show rooms, etc. including in-transit locations.

Internal Picks and Put Aways

Create pick and put-away orders for internal use without requiring a source order or sales order. This allows you to move stock, such as for testing or to put away production output, without the requirement for setting up lots of transactions against the General Ledger.

Assembly Orders

Specify a list of sellable items, raw materials, subassemblies and/or resources as an Assembly Bill of Materials that comprises a finished item or a kit. Use assembly orders to replenish assembly items, to stock or capture the customer’s special requirements to the kit’s bill of materials directly from the sales quote, blanket, and order line in the assembly-to-order processes.

Pick Items with Warehouse Instructions

Pick items with accuracy using the various WMS features. Create picking lists according to put away templates. Picking is based on zone and bin rankings. Warehouse workers are able to create a pick from the shipment. The Warehouse Shipment is managed from a separate user interface when shipping items in a multi-order environment.

QR Code and Barcode Scanning

The Mobile WMS (Warehouse Management Solution) is designed to integrate mobile

Create pick and put-away orders for internal use without requiring a source order or sales order. This allows you to move stock, such as for testing or to put away production output, without the requirement for setting up lots of transactions against the General Ledger.

  • Works online and offline
  • Increase accuracy and productivity
  • Handheld devices with graphical interface
  • Easy to use and configurable on a user level
  • Scan a variety of barcode formats
  • Remote Support of Device
WMS Inventory Management

The right solution for your business

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What are the benefits of MetaOption’s Warehouse management solution?

This WMS System supports the various operations such as:

cross docking
You have to move your inbound goods into the outbound truck so that you don’t need to be stored.
Pick Pack Ship
Throug these operation customers. can track their exact produck location
WMS System
You can please your products at the best location in the warehouse
task management
Task Management
Using WMS System yoyu can easily manage warehouse operations and functions.

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