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MetaOption, LLC offers a full range of solutions and offerings for telecom clients. Our range of solution caters requirements of telecom equipment vendor and telecom service providers. Our array of solution includes R&D, consulting, operations and Enterprise IT. We provide mobility services and value added service solutions as well like consumer service across the utility segment, application and digital store, commerce and digital payment solutions, location based services, managed VAS services, portal and content management services, etc.

Further, we have added value with ground breaking apps available for popular mobile platforms. We have contributed with our flagship apps as well as apps made for clients. MetaOption, LLC is capable enough to come up with innovative and groundbreaking solutions to increase the tempo of next generation telecom solutions.

Some of our key offerings for telecom industry include the following:

  • Value Added Services
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Lean Operations
  • Network Management
  • Service Delivery Platform
  • IP transformation
  • IP Multimedia Subsystems
  • Wireless System Integration
  • Handset Testing
  • Wireless System Integration
  • Business Value

Partnering with us will help you in following ways:

  • Product innovation using our techno functional consultants.
  • Reduced time-to-market through our Business Process Optimization and Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Global sourcing options to optimize your operational cost.
  • Stay ahead of competition with next generation communication solutions.
  • Customer satisfaction at its best through our innovative and proven business transformation process.