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Now is the time for you to move your ERP to Cloud

Does it bother you when most of the business leaders complain about their on-premises ERP system that it isn’t meeting their needs but still aren’t upgrading it? If you ask them regarding this then most likely you’ll always stumble upon same answer that however upgrades they have done the result remain same. The On-premise ERP… Read More »

Cloud based Infrastructure: A great way to ensure the competitive advantage

During the last decade, IT industry has undergone the most intense and widespread transformations. IT for everyone, globalization and the internet of things are becoming common trends now. These trends without any doubt come with advanced operations, improve your performance and enhance your capabilities, but they are accompanied by a number of challenges. Here, cloud… Read More »

Why Amazon Web Services is the best cloud solution today?

Amazon was the pioneer of cloud computing and continues to hold a significant lead over the existing competition. AWS (Amazon Web services) which defined cloud computing has enlisted a staggering number of partners and consistently rolls out features, making it attractive to the entire spectrum of customers. Though there exist many cloud providers worldwide, AWS… Read More »

Merger and Acquisition with the Cloud Technology

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are significant events which have a powerful impact on one and all. The success of this depends upon the ability to integrate and/or isolate vital systems and data, ensure uninterrupted operations during the transition period and create synergy right from day one. The conventional approach is to make adjustments to the… Read More »

How Mature is Cloud Computing Today

Cloud migration is happening at a scorching rate. Service providers are providing more and more mature cloud applications in quick succession. It is imperative that you carefully examine the level of application maturity before choosing it. It is indisputable that there is occurring a widespread transition from conventional on premise applications to cloud based services.… Read More »

Custom Metric in Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is an Amazon Web Service (AWS) utility tool, which allows monitoring of various components like EC2 instance, Elastic load balancer and EBS volumes. One can also monitor CPU utilization, disk read byte, disk writes byte, networking in and networking out for EC2 instance with its support. Amazon CloudWatch provides custom metrics to avoid… Read More »

MetaOption AWS Solution for your Data Center

MetaOption LLC introduces advanced Cloud computing solutions and services that can deliver real world savings, and introduce a Cloud upgrade to your data center with standardized benchmarks in providing the Cloud solution possible, which extends the Amazon Web service to your own data center. Our services are designed in such a way that they are… Read More »

The Future of Cloud Computing Post-2014

Cloud computing has changed the way people work, store and access data greatly. Cloud computing technologies are revolutionizing the way businesses are run across industries, irrespective the size of the business. A recent study predictions show that public cloud service market is forecasted to have grown by 19.6% in 2012 earning a total of $109… Read More »