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Benefits of using mobile self-scanning apps in Retail Industry

Self-service checkout lines and kiosks are two recent examples of technologies that have gained popularity. Retailers need to keep innovating in order to maintain a competitive advantage and find new methods to provide better customer service because convenience is still the main factor drawing people to physical locations. The success of mobile self-scanning apps is… Read More »

Technology trends in the retail industry that transform your business

One of the challenges of retailers is how to provide personalization at scale, without compromising efficient operation and growth. Shoppers have a limited amount of discretionary income and are picky about where they spend it. As a result, retailers must compete fiercely for wallet share. However, we are seeing fascinating technological advancements in the retail… Read More »

Why you should On-board Procurement Automation Software?

Uncontrolled purchasing is a terrible scenario that no firm wants to be in. Unnecessary orders, purchases made outside of the procurement process, and a lack of visibility into suppliers are generating havoc among decision-makers. Migrating to cloud procurement software is the first step in controlling indirect spending and reducing these types of losses. Procurement managers… Read More »

How LS Central helps retailers in overcoming retail challenges

Managing Retail Operations as well as internal communication is a challenging endeavor. There is no doubt that both large and small-scale shops face this difficulty. And this year, following COVID-19, not all stores are suffering the same challenges. Those selling masks, medical supplies, staples, and furnishings are getting much attention. In this unpredictable industry, some… Read More »

How Requisition Management System helps to track Purchase Orders?

Manual purchase order operations are frequently a waste of time. It requires a lot of paperwork, time, and money and never allows purchasing teams to see the light of day. Purchase orders continue to be an important resource in a business, but purchasing teams are always challenged to accomplish more with less. The best way… Read More »

How contactless ordering helps your restaurant and make it competitive?

Contactless ordering systems have altered how restaurants handle traditional customer service. Where servers used to stand with notebooks and pens in hand, digital kiosks, smartphone apps, and QR codes now stand in their place. For decades, the restaurant business has been pushing for more technology-driven experiences, but there has been a noticeable increase in the… Read More »

How to analyze retail items at the LS Central point of sale (POS)

Clienteling is an extension of LS Central POS that provides a new In-Store experience for customers. Using the Clienteling view, store employees may interact with customers and navigate items in the same way they do in web stores. New Web Templates, a Web Service, and Demo Data profiles have been added. Clienteling can be configured… Read More »

How to improve the efficiency of your purchase requisition workflow?

A purchase requisition workflow defines the critical steps that must be taken before making a possible purchase inside a company in detail. Typically, it starts off as a draft and then moves on to being reviewed and checked. After review and approval by the relevant authorities, it is finally agreed upon with a purchase order… Read More »

How LS Central could transform your hospitality business for the better?

An end-to-end retail POS solution that includes the integrated and innovative features that today’s retailers require. With LS Central, retailers can gain more significant business insights, optimize merchandising decisions, and scale in size and business using a unified retail solution architecture. LS Central is designed to suit the expectations of any retail business, whether it… Read More »

How cloud migration can reduce risk of cyberattacks for Retailers?

Do you ever think, “Am I at Cyber Risk?” The unpleasant truth is that everyone is, even if you aren’t. It’s up to you how you lessen that risk. However, there are measures that retailers can take to secure their operations and their data. While switching to online retail has thwarted hacks, retail leaders are… Read More »