MetaCaseDesk – An Introduction

By | September 18, 2014

Excellent Approach to Analyze and Manage Your Cases

In this era of competitive market, any business enterprise must go with some exclusive technique that help them to nourish a strong relationship with the customers. Launching of outstanding product in the market is not a great deal to attract customers, but maintaining long-term relationship is a big task. When you have launched any product, it is obvious customers will have a ton of queries related to the product and in that case if they are delayed in getting proper response, then you are losing the customer and their references which are vital for your business growth.

To generate recurring revenue, you must focus on keeping your customer happy and satisfied. Keeping all this booming requirement, MetaOption LLC came up with a unique and specific solution called as MetaCaseDesk. The Case management system combined with the SharePoint features offer organization with a tool to capture, manage and take action against case, complaints or any other request.

major benefits of MetaCaseDesk


MetaOption holds years of experience in offering advanced and innovative technologies all over the globe. We are a gold certified partner of Microsoft and successfully supports all the technologies developed by Microsoft. Our most recent offering is a SharePoint based ‘ticket management tool’, well-known as MetaCaseDesk. Our group of skilled and dedicated engineers developed this unique ticketing tool which gets easily deployed in an existing SharePoint based system. Moreover, it is easily compatible with SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 version of SharePoint.

MetaCaseDesk features

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