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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution with a wide range of modules to provide an easy and facilitating features to give user friendly greater control to drive your organizations operations smoothly and fastly. Microsoft Dynamics NAV covers wide range of services from Business intelligence, Financial management, Human resources management, Manufacturing, Multi-site and international, Project management, Sales and marketing, Service management to Supply chain management, has the power to quick implement and support your growth ambition.

  • Deploy in the cloud or on your servers.
  • Apps for Apple IOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the bestselling mid-market ERP product in the world.
What’s new in Dynamics NAV 2018?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality

  • Finance and
  • Fixed
  • Marketing and
  • Sales and
  • Inventory control and
    inventory management
  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Project
  • Analysis and

Compliant with MSR and the Accounting ACT

Receivables and liabilities

  • Customer/vendor balance reconciliation
  • Sales pro-forma invoice
  • Selection of a bank account in sales documents
  • Reminders and finance charge memos
  • Corrective memos
  • Sales credit memo
  • Prepayment invoices
  • Multiple receivable/payable accounts
  • Debt collection

Cost Accounting

  • Cost budgets
  • Cost allocation

General Ledger

  • Chart of accounts
  • Budgets
  • Start, with what you need and expand at your own pace
  • Account schedules


  • VAT statements
  • Unrealized VAT
  • Sales/purchase VAT register
  • Non-deductible VAT
  • VAT-UE declaration
  • VAT settlement date
  • Postponed VAT
  • Full VAT posting
  • Intercompany sales orders and invoices
  • Reverse charge VAT

Intercompany Posting

Case flow management

  • Calculation and posting of currency exchange rate differences in bank transactions

Accounting in microsoft in microsoft synamics NAV

  • General Journals
  • Change logs
  • Notifications with a posted document number
  • Importing NBP currency exchange rates
  • Adjustment posting (red storno)
  • Year end closing processes
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Consolidation
  • Intrastat

Fixed assets management

  • Depreciation
  • Change logs
  • Fixed assets maintenance
  • Fixed asset insurance

Contact management

  • Contacts
  • Tasks

Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Contact classification
  • Campaigns
  • Interaction/document management
  • Opportunities
  • Microsoft Outlook / Microsoft Exchange client integration

Sales order management

  • Sales quotes
  • Blanket sales orders
  • Drop shipments
  • Sales orders
  • Item reservation

Ordder Promising (ATP/CTP)


  • Item substitutions
  • Item cross references
  • Item variants
  • Sales of nonstock items


  • Purchase quotes
  • Blanket purchase orders
  • Purchase and transfer orders
  • Requisition management (MRP)Purchase prices and discounts
  • Microsoft Outlook / Microsoft Exchange client integration
  • Purchase item charges
  • Returns management
  • Document approval
  • Sales and purchase budgets
  • Polish Classification of Goods and Services (PKWiU)

Inventory Management

  • Basic warehouse tasks
  • Item availability
  • Item tracing (number series/lot number)
  • Inbound items
  • Outbound items
  • Bins
  • Location transfers
  • Multiple locations
  • Transfer orders
  • View items in transit
  • Physical inventory

Warehouse Management

  • Receive and put away items
  • Pick and ship items
  • Move and adjust items in the warehouse
  • Data capture system (ADCS)


  • Assemble To Order (ATO)
  • Assemble To Stock (ATS)
  • Reservations and item tracking

Production orders

  • Production order scheduling
  • Production order processing
  • Production output
  • Manufacturing scrap
  • Production journal overview
  • Subcontracting

Production bill of materials (BOM)

Integrated Sales orders and planned production orders

  • Make-to-order (MTO) / Sales order
  • Order planning

Capacities and routings (BASIC)

Forecasting and planed production (MPS, MRP)

  • Production forecast
  • Multilevel production orders

Service Orders

  • Service prices
  • Service items
  • Service contracts
  • Planning and dispatching


  • Time sheets

Production order scheduling

  • Work in process (WIP)
  • Actual to budget
  • Service contracts
  • Planning and dispatching


  • Chart views
  • Creating report layouts in Microsoft Word
  • Document and standard reports
  • Analytic views
  • Exporting analysis views to Microsoft Excel
  • Jet Reports Express

Financial Performance

  • Financial performance charts
  • Maintaining additional reporting currencies
  • Balance sheet and profit & loss statement
  • Resource planning and management

Power BI

  • Self-service business analytics in Microsoft Excel
  • Power BI for Office 365


Financial Analysis

  • Analysis and reporting
  • Chart of accounts analysis
  • Account schedules
  • Dimensions
  • Analysis by dimensions

Our Technology Expertise

Our NAV technical consultants have extensive experience in following

Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV to
D365 Business Central

When is the right time to upgrade to Business Central?

If you are going through the below phases, this is the right time to upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central:

  • You are using an outdated Dynamics NAV version whose updates and customizations have been stopped by Microsoft.
  • Your current NAV starts to lag even for processing simple tasks.
  • Your Dynamics NAV versions have outdated and useless features with no use in modern business.
  • The users face issues while collaborating to accomplish a task for overall growth.
  • You don’t have any support to resolve the errors of your current NAV version.
  • You want to customize the NAV to optimize and process new operations.
  • Your NAV version doesn’t support scaling and managing the entire business from a single dashboard.
  • You want to connect your existing ERP solution with the cloud to control everything remotely.

Download NAV 2018 Capability Guide

This capability guide is your first introductory document-straight from none other than Microsoft Dynamics NAV team.

Contact us for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Pricing

MetaOption offers the innovative functionality of NAV 2018 at an accessible and affordable price.

Download NAV 2018 Licensing guide

Microsoft uncovers how they have designed NAV 2018 licensing to help small and midsize businesses jump start their financial insights.

Simple Business Reporting

Jet Reports – Excel Reporting Tool integrated directly
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Jet Reports – Excel Reporting Tool integrated directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With Jet Reports, you get a professional Business Intelligence (BI) tool to present and analyze your data in Excel. Jet Reports integrates Excel directly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, so you do not have to manually edit data processing. Jet Reports is optimized for you who want quick and accurate financial insight so the company can make quick decisions based on current numbers. You get an economical overview of your dashboards and reports – from pivot tables to graphs to charts. Jet Reports is fast, accurate and easy to use for reporting and analyzing data. The program is easy to use and streamlines your daily work with data.

Learn More


Power BI Integration in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Build Intuitive, Insightful Power BI Reports in Business Central / Navision

Endless Possibilities with Power BI

Meet all the needs of your organization with a modern BI tool

Instant Deployment

Get setup in no time and start monitoring your data without any training. Get useful business insights from your data with our simple yet out-of-the-box dashboards.

Tap any Datasource

Tap into any datasource from an excel sheet to on-premise databases to get a holistic view of the key metrics for your business.

Real-time Insight

Gain real-time business insights and solve the problem as they occur or seize opportunities as they arise with Power BI dashboards.

Data Visualization

Visualize your data in the form of stunning, interactive graphs and charts using our interactive dashboards.

Content Curation

Create & publish a personalized view of data as per your department or organization needs as a whole using the Power BI app.

Data Collaboration

Use the Power BI group feature to collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure that everyone uses the right data and makes quick confident decisions.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access your data anytime, anywhere on the go with touch enable native apps for Windows, iOS and Android.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your application or services using our open, standards-based REST API seamlessly while focusing on your core value.

Publish & Share

Combine data sources, create stunning visuals and publish your data story to the web, and reach millions of users.

Dynamics NAV Pricing and Licensing

Perpetual or Subscription Licensing

Customers have the choice of purchasing their Microsoft Dynamics NAV licenses up front, or paying a monthly fee to a service provider.

Perpetual Licensing

Perpetual Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to help small and midsize businesses get started with an affordable upfront starting price, rapid start tools and built in functionality.

With Microsoft Dynamics Perpetual Licensing, customers license the ERP Solution functionality, and access to that functionality is secured by licensing users.

Subscription Licensing

Service provider’s Subscription Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps keep lower upfront costs through a “per user, per month” licensing fee.

This helps small and midsize businesses get started with a low initial cost while leveraging the built-in functionality and rapid start tools. Customers have the choice of two concurrent-user types, Limited User and Full User, and the option to give those users access to advanced functionality through the “Extended Pack.

Starter Pack and Extended Pack

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 allows you to get going quickly and affordably with the Starter Pack. For those companies needing more functionality, the Extended Pack can be added to the Starter Pack. The Extended Pack cannot be purchased on its own.

Starter Pack

starter-packSmall and midsize businesses can quickly and affordably get started with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The Starter Pack offers core Financials, Distribution and Professional Services functionality, plus three Full User licenses for one price.

The functionality included in the Starter Pack is designed to help customers:

  • Gain control and insight over their finances
  • Purchase and sell items and materials
  • Pay and manage employees
  • Manage the billables generated by consultants
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage customer and
    supplier relationships and offer the highest quality of service and support.

The Extended Pack

Extended-packBusinesses that require more advanced functionality can license the optional and additive Extended Pack.

The Extended Pack enables customers to integrate core financials and distribution management with broader functionality extensions such as:

  • Manufacturing to support and control the manufacturing environment
  • Warehousing to manage the warehouse and support operations

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Pricing

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Get detailed pricing and special promotional discounts.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV hosted on cloud you can deliver better productivity, mobility and reliability to your users, all with lower costs and easy manageability.

High Availability

Securely access ERP hosted in the cloud anytime, anywhere even on-the-go, through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client on virtually any device. Deployments support 99.95% up-time SLA.

Increased Security

Your Microsoft Azure Dynamics NAV solution will run within secure multi-tier data center where information and infrastructure are physically and digitally protected and preserved in the best possible way, with extensive intrusion checks, as well as back-ups made and delivered daily.

Increased Scalability

Elasticity in provisioning of Virtual Machines. Ability to spin up or spin down VMs as per your needs or automatically. Optimize compute usage with run and stop settings, ability to change the size, attach or detach disks and configure endpoints and load balancer settings

Accelerated Deployment

Easier to deploy new servers or even entire environments quickly on the Microsoft dynamics NAV environment where new Windows Server can be quickly spun in minutes or a Dev Site and Test Site can be set up in a few hours. This reduced time for deployment helps achieve a faster ROI.

Flexible and Low TCO

Eliminates the cost incurred on over-sized on-premises datacenter infrastructure, licenses and IT management. The Hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV on cloud Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) subscription model offers flexibility with no upfront costs and no long term commitment. You only pay for the computing resources you use.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure and Support

Microsoft Dynamic NAV azure enables robust security, backup and privacy controls in geographically dispersed datacenters and delivers 24×7 global support from Microsoft.


Domain Expertise

Our NAV functional consultants have domain expertise and experience in following areas.

  • Financial management and accounting, for managing cash, assets, and banking transactions
  • Sales and marketing segment that includes contact & campaign management
  • Service management for pre & post sales customer service management
  • Project management that takes care of resources and jobs
  • Supply chain management (SCM) and operations insights to track and manage your sales and receivables, sales tax, purchase and payables, inventory, warehouse management, and vendors
  • Configuration and development of application objects and local granules for localization.
  • Manufacturing segment inclusive of primary manufacturing, agile manufacturing, supply planning and capacity planning
  • Marketing, sales, and service, to cope up with your campaigns, leads, opportunities, contacts, and SLAs/service contracts
  • Project management to bring to table estimates, track projects, and manage capacity
  • Business intelligence and reporting that will give you real-time visibility and analytics that help in tracking performance.


Get up & running quickly

Feel confident from the strat with a familiar. role-relevant user experience.

do business

Do business anywhere

Stay connected and productive on the go.

help reduce

Help reduce risk

Rely on a flexible and trusted Microsoft platfrom that spans your entire IT ecosystem.

grow efficiently

Grow efficiently

Help reduce your IT costs. annd easily scale up or down with the microsoft Cloud.