How LS Central could transform your hospitality business for the better?

An end-to-end retail POS solution that includes the integrated and innovative features that today’s retailers require. With LS Central, retailers can gain more significant business insights, optimize merchandising decisions, and scale in size and business using a unified retail solution architecture. LS Central is designed to suit the expectations of any retail business, whether it… Read More »

How legacy systems affect SMBs and how to fix them?

Many businesses continue to use legacy systems despite undergoing digital transformation. These systems are a vital component of the organization’s operation and have been embedded in it over time. It’s difficult to replace a system that’s so interweave in the workflow, procedures, and overall management of the firm. It’s time to grow and get rid… Read More »

Top 5 Benefits of automatic updates in Dynamics 365 Business Central

One of the primary advantages of migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is automatic platform updates. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central obtains both major and minor automatic updates throughout the year. Both types of updates are continuous and automatic. Admins only need to create an update window in the Business Central administration center, preferably… Read More »