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Track & Trace across your supply chain

Comply with drug serialization and reporting requirements – and fight counterfeiting and illicit trade – with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Track and Trace for Pharma. This track and trace software integrates serialization with your processes and provides country-ready reporting packages. Minimize the cost of compliance, manage a secure pharma supply chain, and improve patient safety.

Benefits of our Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP for Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors & Manufacturers solutions

  • Comply with all traceability regulations such as the Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) or UDI regulation
  • Combat counterfeiting and secure brand authenticity
  • Manage short delivery windows and respect SLA’s
  • Secure your distribution channels
  • Ensure quick resolution of recalls and claims
  • Enjoy efficient, worry-free project implementation with a single point of contact

Why Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals?

Because governments around the world are enacting legislation to fight the falsification of drugs requiring pharmaceutical serialization and reporting to institutional databases and supply chain partners. Our global track and trace software makes it easier to achieve this compliance.

  • Efficiently comply with serialization directives to avoid exclusion from key markets
  • Integrate serialization into your standard business processes and practices
  • Safeguard against counterfeit, fraud, and grey market activity in your pharma supply chain
  • Simplify regulatory reporting with country-specific compliance packages
  • Rely on a solution co-developed with 10 leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry

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Ensure agility and traceability from production through to dispensary



Offer product authentication, build e-pedigree and ensure Track & Trace

  • High speed product identification
  • Serialization
  • Aggregation
  • Shipping verification



Provide timely, accurate order fulfilment and ensure logistics traceability

  • Inbound logistics
  • Order picking
  • Returns Management
  • Outbound logistics

Wholesale Distribution


Guarantee delivery traceabillity and respect SLA’s

  • Proof of Delivery and Proof of Collection
  • Temperature controlled delivery
  • Returnable Asset Management



Maximise shelf-availability, customer service and inventory accuracy

  • Inbound logistics
  • Inventory management
  • Returns management

Serialization and Compliance

MetaOption offers solutions for the application of serial numbers at packaging and product visibility to and beyond the warehouse edge. With comprehensive functionality and 10 years of experience with industry standards, we enable fully-serialized warehouse processes to meet DSCSA mandates for traceability, as well as standard integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP and Warehouse Management systems.

With MetaOption Serialization solutions at packaging, pharmaceutical companies can:

  • Manage multiple serial number formats and aggregate serial numbers across all packaging levels, including unit, bundle, carton and pallet
  • Control all required vision and printing jobs centrally
  • Integrate with existing line control systems or add on to lines with current hardware in place.

How Serialization and Track & Trace Can Drive Business Value?

Business Value

As a result, you can trace your products from your packaging line through distribution in order to:

  • Ensure compliance with the DSCSA, GS1 standards and future mandates
  • Gain the real-time traceability you need to effectively manage returns and product recalls
  • Increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies with improved order accuracy
  • Extend the capabilities of your ERP systems by providing the granular functionality that’s missing in your packaging, warehousing and supply chain modules
  • Protect your brand through the ability to detect counterfeiting and product diversion

Why work with MetaOption

We overcome costly and difficult IT issues

IT issues

We are integration experts, capable of extending the functionality of any type of MES, ERP, WMS or TMS. Our Mobile Enterprice Application Platform is desicated to pharmaceutical supply chain execution so you can manage your entire mobile infrastructure using just one platform

We are single source provider

source provider

Benefit from our technology knowledge and unrivalled partnerships with all the leading brands of hardware. For your serialization and identification needs you can rely on our own software and in-house designed and built
marking and labelling systems.

We offer complete peace of mind

complete peace

We support you every step of the way with consultancy, project management and fully managed service right through to ancillaries, in-house maintenance and repair services. With international coverage and local service, we will keep your supply chain running sommthly.

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