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How to move from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Business Central in a few easy steps

Microsoft Dynamics GP has become critical for many firms in search of a reliable ERP system. However, as businesses begin to explore for cloud solutions to handle critical business processes, they discover that they must transition from Dynamics GP to Business Central. The platform features a more modern UI as well as cloud-enabled capabilities that… Read More »

Microsoft Dynamics GP vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Businesses considering migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central have many questions and concerns regarding the transition. What difference will it make? What new procedures would their teams be required to learn? And how much smoother is the newer functionality? In this section, we’ll compare three main business functions in Dynamics GP to… Read More »

How to improve the efficiency of your purchase requisition workflow?

A purchase requisition workflow defines the critical steps that must be taken before making a possible purchase inside a company in detail. Typically, it starts off as a draft and then moves on to being reviewed and checked. After review and approval by the relevant authorities, it is finally agreed upon with a purchase order… Read More »

Project Management: Manage your project with Business Central

Project management is a real challenge in every company. Managers need to see who’s doing what, understand how much each job costs (and brings in), discover new ways to improve service and deliver optimal customer experience. Whereas, Business Central provides functionality that enables you to perform all the usual types of project management tasks, such… Read More »

Manage your inventory by forecasting inventory levels in Dyn365BC

For any organization, keeping the right inventory levels is crucial. While having too much stock might result in money being lost, having too little stock can result in lost sales chances. In order to maintain the proper balance, it is crucial to forecast your inventory levels. This blog will go through how to forecast inventory… Read More »

How LS Central could transform your hospitality business for the better?

An end-to-end retail POS solution that includes the integrated and innovative features that today’s retailers require. With LS Central, retailers can gain more significant business insights, optimize merchandising decisions, and scale in size and business using a unified retail solution architecture. LS Central is designed to suit the expectations of any retail business, whether it… Read More »

How legacy systems affect SMBs and how to fix them?

Many businesses continue to use legacy systems despite undergoing digital transformation. These systems are a vital component of the organization’s operation and have been embedded in it over time. It’s difficult to replace a system that’s so interweave in the workflow, procedures, and overall management of the firm. It’s time to grow and get rid… Read More »

How cloud migration can reduce risk of cyberattacks for Retailers?

Do you ever think, “Am I at Cyber Risk?” The unpleasant truth is that everyone is, even if you aren’t. It’s up to you how you lessen that risk. However, there are measures that retailers can take to secure their operations and their data. While switching to online retail has thwarted hacks, retail leaders are… Read More »

Top 5 Benefits of automatic updates in Dynamics 365 Business Central

One of the primary advantages of migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is automatic platform updates. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central obtains both major and minor automatic updates throughout the year. Both types of updates are continuous and automatic. Admins only need to create an update window in the Business Central administration center, preferably… Read More »

Top 5 benefits of Data Visualization tools: Power BI

Data visualization is one of the most important capabilities of any Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics solution. It enables people to translate complex data into a visual context, such as a chart or graph, identify trends that numbers alone cannot easily reveal, and discover hidden patterns in your dashboard. Data visualization also has many additional… Read More »