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Upgrade your Business from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Many SMBs come to a point where they need a business software system that is able to help them track items such as sales, expenses, invoices and also allows them to accept payments. Both QuickBooks and Dynamics 365 Business Central are software solutions that provide accounting functionality for businesses. They each can provide the core… Read More »

Cut Costs, Save Time with LS Central for your Retail Business

Costly integrations, unclear data, have to do lots of manual work, platforms that don’t communicate properly, and no proper visibility on the customer journey. For this stop wasting time with multiple software solutions. Whereas, LS Central is a fully integrated retail management solution. By using it instead of many, you can cut software and system… Read More »

Reasons to Choose ERP Solution for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Either it’s large enterprises or SMEs, the manufacturing segment is the backbone of the pharma industry. The manufacturing SMEs are finding it difficult to yield quality products amidst healthcare reforms, changing customer’s needs, accurate administration requirements, rising competition, and evolving market trends. These business challenges have created a dire need of streamlining processes, optimizing operations,… Read More »

Role of MetaPharma in Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Processes in a Pharma company expand to include a multitude of sections especially research and development of new Pharmaceutical products. Usually setting up new processes or researching for new medicines comes with the baggage of a huge investment which the Pharma Company may or may not want to incur. In such cases, the company can… Read More »

Strategies to Improve Warehouse Management Productivity- MetaWMS

An efficient warehouse maximizes its space, streamlines its operations, and promotes productivity among its workers. When a warehouse runs efficiently, customers get their shipments on time and the company’s bottom line stays safe. Even when a warehouse is consistently making customers happy with on-time and accurate shipments, there are still operational shifts to make that… Read More »

How a Pharmaceutical ERP helps to maintain Stiff Quality Control?

Consistency, quality, and safety are all important factors in process manufacturing, even more so when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Being compliant is one of the biggest challenges a pharmaceutical company faces and no compromises can be made. MetaPharma an ERP solution that is suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturers contains quality management and control functionality. It covers the whole process… Read More »

What is a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider and their Benefits?

There’s no surprise in believing that cloud services have taken a center stage. If your business organization has software in the cloud, you are receiving cloud services most likely from the partner that sold you the software. If you’re using a Microsoft Dynamics product like Business Central, you probably need a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider. Here… Read More »

How to Utilize MetaWMS with Dyn365 BC to Limit Manual Entry

For manufacturers, those who are planning to use Dynamics 365 Business Central or those already doing. So, adding a MetaWMS – Advanced Warehouse Management solution that seamlessly integrates with Dyn365BC has a major impact on warehouse-operations. Why MetaWMS? It helps to remove the time-consuming-task of manual entry of customized product orders and eliminate costly mistakes… Read More »

How Important is the License Plating for the Warehouse Environment?

A license plate is simply an additional form of unique identification to mark a pallet or some grouping of products or materials. It’s used to rapidly move the group of products from one location to another without having to scan the individual contents of that group. This method of optimizing nformation eases the strain of… Read More »