Feature-Rich MetaCaseDesk for Managing Tickets by businesses

By | March 23, 2016

In the recent years, businesses’ dependence on computing devices, such as desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc. has increased tremendously. At the same time, this dependence has resulted in increased number of technical issues (software as well hardware), which organizations must have to fix on a regular basis.

Here comes MetaCaseDesk, helping organizations in getting rid of these frequent issues. MetaCaseDesk  is one of the leading cloud-based ticketing tools, which helps employees and technical support team to coordinate with each other in resolving issues. MetaCaseDesk  comes with many exciting features, some of those features are as follows.

Some of the handy features of MetaCaseDesk  are:

Runs smoothly on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/2013: A large number of top businesses from public and private sectors use the SharePoint environment. Most of these use SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2013. MetaCaseDesk  runs smoothly on both servers.

Available with on-premise and cloud deployment options: MetaCaseDesk  offers two options for deployment, these are on-premise and cloud-based. Businesses already using SharePoint environment can choose the on-premise option. If they are not using SharePoint environment, then they can choose the cloud deployment option. One of the benefits of cloud deployment option is the reduction of SharePoint licensing cost.

Multiple options for managing tickets: MetaCaseDesk provides three options for managing tickets, these are Web Support Portal, Web Customer Portal, and Email. Web Support Portal is used by supporting staffs, Web Customer Portal is used by customers (or users), and Email is used by both.

Report generation: MetaCaseDesk provides some quality report generation features. These features allow the support team to fetch important data in form of reports for analysis. These reports can also be exported into Excel file format.

Interactive dashboard: MetaCaseDesk  provides an interactive dashboard which contains statistical graphs. The dashboard helps support teams to analyze their work, i.e. how many tickets are open, in progress, closed, tickets priority, etc.

Email notifications: MetaCaseDesk sends instant email notification to ticket raiser when the ticket gets created. When support team works on tickets, it modifies tickets. Then again, MetaCaseDesk  sends email notifications to customers regarding changes done in the tickets.

Applicable to a large numbers of industries: The scope of MetaCaseDesk is not limited to the IT department of businesses. Instead, businesses across the industries, such as healthcare, law, bank, IT/ITeS, and many more find it useful.

Free training and 24*7 technical support: MetaCaseDesk  is an easy-to-use tool, but it requires training to get maximum benefit from it. Businesses purchasing licenses of  MetaCaseDesk are provided the proper training for using it. In addition, they also get round the clock support from our experts.


MetaCaseDesk  is not just a ticketing tool, but also it is a case management system and IT helpdesk. It is an ideal choice for small sized businesses with around 100 employees, as well as for large sized businesses with around 10000 employees.

To know more about it, please consult our expert!

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