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Top 5 benefits of Data Visualization tools: Power BI

Data visualization is one of the most important capabilities of any Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics solution. It enables people to translate complex data into a visual context, such as a chart or graph, identify trends that numbers alone cannot easily reveal, and discover hidden patterns in your dashboard. Data visualization also has many additional… Read More »

Ways to collaborate and share reports and dashboards in Power BI

In today’s digital environment, data is the secret to dominating the competition. The concept of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization is very well known for offering business organizations practical, data-driven services, and new and more engaging BI technologies daily. This theory states that Power BI is a relevant BI tool for modern businesses all… Read More »

Top 5 reasons to use Microsoft Power BI

Business intelligence (BI), reporting, and data visualization products and services are all part of the Microsoft Power BI portfolio for both individuals and teams. Power BI defines itself with effective publication and distribution capabilities and integration with other Microsoft services and products. Additionally, BI is still a key tool for empowering businesses, and Microsoft Power… Read More »