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Stop wasting time with multiple software solutions

Many retailers use a different IT system for each part of their retail business. A sales solution, a separate ERP, a CRM software, Excel files to manage vendors, software for retail store inventory management system… the result? Costly integrations, unclear data, lots of manual work, platforms that don’t communicate properly, and no visibility on the customer journey. These retailers are doing it wrong.

LS Central is a unified commerce solution by LS Retail. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, LS Central covers Point-of-Sale (POS), inventory, merchandising, CRM, e-commerce as well as headquarters back-office functions. All information is in one central location, allowing you to track sales, stock, and productivity in real-time across all your locations from your head office.

A fully integrated retail management solution, LS Central eliminates the need for disparate stand-alone systems and unifies all your channels into one centralized database.

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Microsoft Gold Certified
LS Center Gold Certified
Microsoft Cloud Solotion

Key LS Central and MetaOption capabilities

All-in-One Platform

Handle all your entire Unified Commerce
solution from one single platform.

Truly Unified

Utilize data from the digital platform in
brick-and-mortar and vice versa.

Seamless deployment

Turnkey future proof solution for minimizing
risk. Continuously updated and improved!

LS Central Benefits

Cut costs save time

Cut costs, save time

By using just one system instead of many, you can:

  • Cut software and system administration costs
  • Say goodbye to integration costs
  • Have consistent financial data
  • Control prices, stock, promotions, customers, and more from the back office
  • Simplify and speed up upgrades
  • Access all your business information as and when you want
Boost loyalty

Boost loyalty

Know your customers and:

  • Communicate with them in a personalized, more effective way
  • Send them special offers and promotions you know they are interested in
  • Optimize your pricing and inventory
  • Create loyalty programs that drive returns
Streamline operations

Streamline operations

LS Central includes specialized functionality to:

  • Streamline staff management, track performance, and improve communication with employees
  • Automate tasks, to reduce manual work and time wasted
  • Decrease out of stocks and overstocks
  • Forecast inventory
  • Track your performance with AI-powered BI
  • Create ad hoc reports
With LS Central you can

With LS Central, you can

Know your customers and:

  • Run the Point of Sale on mobile or stationary devices, as best fits your needs
  • Engage shoppers and help them find items they’ll love with clienteling and AI-powered recommendations
  • Enable staff to quickly find product and customer information at the POS
  • Easily move employees across tasks and departments, as they all use the same system with the same interface

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LS Central Functionalities

With LS Central you will be able to consolidate your business today,
tomorrow and beyond.

Product Management

LS central for product management helps to manage and update product prices and offers across all your sales channels so that you can make accurate procurement decisions.

Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale (POS)

Extend your Retail POS terminal so that your employees can view up-to-date inventory, check product details, deliver personalized services, access product recommendations, and more.

Inventory Management

Manage your stock optimally, minimizing inventory while reducing out-of-stock situations with a mix of manual and replenishment tools.

Reporting & Analysis

LS Central provides you with an overview of business performance in real-time – so you can analyze your sales by location, track and crunch data, track KPIs and access a full range of analytic and reporting capabilities.

Staff Management

Maximize staff productivity and satisfaction with a systematic way to plan and distribute staff rosters, an overview of timetabling, and budget planning. You can also have total control over staffing costs and access all information for ease of planning.

Mobile & E-Commerce

Deliver a consistent shopping experience throughout your sales channels with all your items, prices, promotions, and stock availability being seamlessly synced with your choice of e-commerce platform.

Functions for HQ, POS, Back Office, and Mobile Devices

  • Maintenance of article master data and customer data
  • Control campaign and marketing campaigns
  • Financial Accounting
  • Logistics, purchasing, and production control
  • Staff management and resource planning
  • Cross-branch analyzes and reports
  • Product Configurator
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Automatic delivery to the branches (replenishment)
  • Fast check-out – easy operation
  • product presentation
  • Versatile customizable menus
  • Support for popular POS hardware
  • Article Cross-selling
  • Article search criteria
  • Bonus programs
  • Various payment options / split
  • Sales orders available at the POS
  • Product Configurator
  • Local software – central facility
  • Branch Dashboard
  • cash management
  • Cash Management
  • Simple daily closing
  • Inventory and booking through simple worksheets
  • Branch delivery based on stocks, orders, and stock transfers
  • Purchase and orders
  • Sales history
  • Simple daily closing
  • Goods acceptance and search
  • Goods issue and picking
  • Flexible architecture
  • Wish lists of customers (wedding list, birthday list)
  • Mobile POS
  • Mobile loyalty app
  • Loyalty portal
  • EC and credit card payments
  • eCommerce for branches
  • Mobile inventory recording
  • Receipt / Goods Issue
  • Label Requirements/label printing
  • Order by code
  • Inventory posting, changes, and transcripts
LS Central LS Central
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