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By | May 30, 2014

You have heard the words, ”Customer is always right!” Also, ”You are because of the customer, the customer is not because of you”, so rightly spoken by Mahatma Gandhi. Today, customer service can be delivered flawlessly using technology as efficient as MetaCaseDesk. In other words, you let your business GROW!

Business Development with MetaCaseDesk-

MetaCaseDesk is a ticketing tool which can work in consonance with SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 versions of SharePoint Online.

Business Enterprises utilizes this case management tool for their company issues and services as it supports customized E-mails and is efficient in tracking Lifecycle of issues as well. You can even deploy various instances of this case management tool in the same SharePoint environment.

Benefits for your enterprise:

  • Provides tools for management of requests and complaints resolution.
  • Accelerate case resolution, communication and employee productivity as an integrated information management infrastructure.
  • Paper and other documents are converted into digital file format for future reference.
  • Access provided to businesses and stakeholders throughout the Lifecycle of a case.
  • Collaboration in a secure environment. Content can be shared within the enterprise or even with others depending on access privileges.
  • Productivity of the workforce is improved and closed case reviews are provided.

Areas of Businesses where the MetaCaseDesk is used-

If you consider the banking sector, a sizeable amount of business-related information has to be handled every day. The MetaCaseDesk makes document management, time tracking, billing & accounting, collaboration and communication easy working as an integrated client portal.

The MetaCaseDesk is being used today in many other areas as diverse as:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Government Organizations
  • Automobile Sector
  • Software Industries
  • Audit & Accounts

MetaCaseDesk fits in as a tool to manage documents, handle internal collaboration and automating various operations thus streamlining the entire process.

This unique tool ensures the better administration of documents and information using familiar user interfaces. This saves paper and distribution costs, storing and accessing client history whenever required, thereby ushering better customer service. Digital file management application renders more transparency of diverse processes and also facilitates better and faster decisions.

MetaCaseDesk Features

Dashboard Customization feature in Case Management System

Dashboard customization (with graphs, charts and reports) presents important data in a visually effective and summarized way. This aids in quick and effective decisions.

Request for Information (RFI) — A Case Management Solution

Request for Information (RFI) solution is a case management framework within SharePoint 2010 that manages (multiple types of) requests for information such as Freedom of Information (FOI), Complaints, Environmental Information Regulations (EIR), Data Protection Act (DPA) and Subject Access Requests (SAR).


SharePoint is being used as an effective enterprise case management system. This ECM (Enterprise Case Management) tool comprises of all components for the management of document, records, business process, web content and customer communications. Also, it can deal with E-mail archiving and library services too.

So, MetaCaseDesk can be brought under Customer Relationship Management solutions in SharePoint which involves shared customer contacts, case management and also capturing customer interactions.

The modern mantra for a successful business may go like this, ”Put yourself in the customer’s place and deploy MetaCaseDesk”!

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