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With the EDI for Microsoft Dynamics Solutions (NAV, 365 Business Central, AX, and GP), you can automate operations and eliminate the error-prone manual processes that slow you down and cost you money. Position your business for scalability and growth with Fulfillment EDI automation from MetaOption.

The MetaOption EDI for Microsoft Dynamics solutions combines an embedded EDI module, built exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics Solutions (NAV, 365 Business Central, AX, and GP), with seamless connectivity into MetaOption’s rapidly expanding trading partner network which includes thousands of retailers, distributors, manufacturers and logistics providers. Delivered as a fully managed service, MetaOption’s EDI solution enables you to trade electronically with your customers without tying up your IT department.

With seamless integration MetaOption’s EDI for Dynamics solution enables the exchange of messages to be fully automated, removing the need for error-prone manual processes; whilst delivering complete end-to-end visibility.

MetaOption also provides the depth and flexibility to accommodate modifications to your Microsoft Dynamics environment. Our solution design ensures that customisations made to your system such as the addition of new fields and new workflows does not require reprogramming of your mission critical EDI system.

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  • Automatic EDI document issue and receipt from the ERP.
  • Planning improvements make it possible to adjust product and raw material stocks to a minimum.
  • Almost total reduction of message transcription errors.
  • Minimum times dedicated to sending, receiving and registering business documents.
  • Immediacy and error elimination make it possible to minimise response times.
  • More precise information management powers better decision-making and operation planning.
  • Direct logging of received transactions in your management system.
  • Ultimately brings down operating costs thanks to the benefits and time reductions.

Direct integration with leading Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

EDI business central
EDI Finance

Contact us for a customised analysis of your EDI Solution

  • Customised consulting for

    your EDI project

    MetaOption provides you with a team of specialised consultants who will work with you to analyse the needs of your B2B EDI communications project.

  • The team we put in charge of your project will implement the customisations required for the solution and size your installation to equip it with the right hardware and communication resources for the volume of documents you exchange.

  • The implementation process for your EDI solution includes testing and certification to validate integration with your Microsoft Dynamics Solutions (NAV, 365 Business Central, AX, and GP), dedicated training for your EDI user group and personalised customer service for troubleshooting.

customised analysis

A single platform that caters for all your needs

With our Microsoft integrated service, connect once to the industry’s leading Microsoft Dynamics Solutions (NAV, 365 Business Central, AX, and GP) and it will allow you to integrate with any trading partner and exchange any message type. The platform is easily scalable which means you can quickly add new trading partners, data and transaction types, and scale for the future growth of your business. MetaOption delivers greater functionality with less cost and risk than traditional EDI software.

Our Microsoft Dynamics EDI service offers support for the most popular documents:

  • Sales/Purchase Order
  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Invoice
  • Advanced Shipping Notice
  • Delivery Note
  • Sales & Inventory Report
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A Single platform to your global Partners

Our Managed EDI Service integrates directly into your company’s Microsoft Dynamics Solutions (NAV, 365 Business Central, AX, and GP), creating a single platform to your trading community. Our solution enables businesses using Microsoft Dynamics Solutions (NAV, 365 Business Central, AX, and GP) to exchange sales orders, advance ship notices, invoices, warehouse shipments and other required documents with trading partners all over the globe.

Wondering how MetaOption compares to other Microsoft

Dynamics EDI integration providers?

Other Providers

  • Meet your bare minimum cloud setup requirements, then leave you to fend for yourself
  • Don’t bother to test or QA your system before handing it over
  • Don’t help with the customer onboarding process
  • Still require an absurd amount of data entry to use
  • Have resource-limited data centers that go down during peak surges
  • Rely on third-party VANs they can’t control or toubleshoot


  • Takes care of the entire implementation process, including testing, migration & production
  • Rigorously stress-tests everything so that your solution works from day one
  • Proactively onboards your trading partners so you don’t have to
  • Completely eliminates the need for dedicated data-entry staff
  • Boasts the most resilient, fully cloud-based data centers in the industry
  • Is the only EDI provider that owns its VAN, ensuring maximum reliability

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