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Cloud or On-Premise
the choice is yours, make the wise one!

Microsoft SharePoint offers most the advantages of cloud storage while seamlessly integrating into the foremost commonly
used business applications. we will assist you realise the advantages of the SharePoint system for your business.

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform used by organization to manage documents and push shareable content. SharePoint’s Cloud based servers are suitable for SMEs or to be used within larger businesses that are looking to store, track and manage documents or manage of internal communications using the powerful SharePoint Intranet functionality. Microsoft SharePoint is additionally a part of Microsoft Office 365.

MetaOption have over 14 years experience of working closely with a enterprise organisations throughout the US and beyond. We have built up everlasting partnerships with many of our clients based on quality service, transparency, trust and excellent communication.

Our team of dedicated SharePoint specialist and domain experts is proficient in understanding your specific business needs and may assist you with migration services that involve steps that ensure fast and quick upgrades.

sharepoint collaboration

The benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

Build custom apps and

Collaborate and work together
on documents

Access your documents
from anywhere

Available Online or

Features of Microsoft SharePoint

Sharing InformationSharing information becomes very simple by using Windows SharePoint
Easy to use and DeployEasy to use and deploy because it integrates with Microsoft Office applications
AdministratorsAdministrators can block users from uploading specific file types into the document repository
Windows SharePoint ServicesWindows SharePoint services can be easily configured
Microsoft SharePoint DesignerYou can use the Microsoft SharePoint Designer to develop customized SharePoint sites and reporting tools
Sharing InformationTo ensure the security of data, you can determine the different levels to access the information available on the SharePoint site
SharePoint Provides FrameworkSharePoint provides a framework for building web-based applications that allow users in an organization to collect and share information with each other without any hassles
Flexible ArchitectureWindows SharePoint has a flexible architecture, which gives you the flexibility to modify the application, according to the changing needs of your business
Manage your Critical DocumentsYou can manage your critical documents, contact lists, and task lists online. Various revisions made to a document can also be tracked

SharePoint Migration Solutions

sharepoint migration

Migrating to a new SharePoint environment, or upgrading to Office 365 is usually perceived as stressful, resource intensive and something that needs serious planning. As a consequence, many organisations accept outdated intranets and productivity tools and don’t embrace modern ways of working. However, avoiding upgrades means you can’t access the newest productivity tools and features that SharePoint or Office 365 offer. Migration to the latest SharePoint Version from any system is one of our expertise areas.

Our Microsoft SharePoint Services

MetaOption focuses on developing unique SharePoint experience for its clients. The recognition of being a Microsoft Gold Partner reflects our expertise within the industry.
Catering to the needs of the industries and businesses, we provide the following services for your enterprise.

SharePoint Consulting

We provide unique SharePoint consulting services to fit your specific requirements and streamline your business.

SharePoint Migration

The SharePoint experts at MetaOption ensures a smoother and cost effective Migration to the latest versions of SharePoint Online.


Change the look and feel of your intranet to inspire your employees. Engage them with amazing interface and designs.

Application Development

Our SharePoint developers are adept in analyzing your exact needs. They develop applications that deliver for you.

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