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Taming the DCAA Beast: How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Can Simplify Compliance

For government contractors, navigating the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) audit process can feel like wrangling a ferocious beast. DCAA compliance demands meticulous record-keeping, accurate cost segregation, and robust reporting all to ensure you’re billing fairly. But fear not, weary contractors! Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance can be your secret weapon in taming the DCAA beast.… Read More »

Maximizing Marketing Potential with Dynamics 365: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s dynamic business landscape, effective marketing isn’t just about reaching out to potential customers; it’s about engaging them in meaningful ways, nurturing relationships, and ultimately driving conversions. To achieve these goals, businesses need robust marketing solutions that offer flexibility, scalability, and integration capabilities. Dynamics 365 for Marketing emerges as a powerful tool, empowering organizations… Read More »

Which Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Solution suitable for your business?

As time changes, your organization finds itself in the marketplace for a solution that can manage and scale a sales team that might just be busier than ever. Perhaps you find yourself looking at an ERP upgrade and thinking now might be the time to also look at a better toolset for the sales team.… Read More »

How to efficiently nurture leads through the sales process in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Lead nurturing is an important step in your sales process and you must know the tricks of the business in order to do it efficiently. Lead nurturing is not only limited to sending out emails and updating the leads on your email lists about your product and services. There are thousands of companies sending thousands… Read More »

How Dynamics 365 can boost your Sales Cycle?

With Dynamics 365 for Sales, sellers can automate sales processes to boost productivity, gain key insights, streamline sales cycles, and reduce costs. Sellers have a whole new view of customers with capabilities at their fingertips that will allow them to detect future opportunities and sell more effectively. Dynamics 365 is a relationship assistant that allows… Read More »

Accomplish the best project outcomes using Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation Capabilities

The greatest challenge before today’s business enterprises, especially those are project-based, is the successfully, cost-effectively and timely completion of the projects at hand. Undoubtedly, this depends on the effective and efficient utilization of the organizational resources involved in these projects. While understanding this critical need of the day, Microsoft has brought a comprehensive solution Dynamics… Read More »

Manage your Field Service Operations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Effectively

Any organization is usually divided into two entities- Headquarter, and Field. At headquarters, the business functions are mostly long term policy making. However, the Field entities are responsible for executing those laid-down policies. This execution utilizes a company’s resources from on-the-route to the property of clients. Most often, the tasks before Field service management include-… Read More »

Get the best of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with flexible and affordable pricing plans

Recently Microsoft has introduced it’s a new cloud-based ERP system that runs on a Microsoft Azure platform, namely Dynamics 365. It’s an integrated cloud solution which helps you manage your entire business functions, say, Sales, Customer service, Field service, Marketing, Project service automation, Operations and Financials at one place conveniently. To make a true customer-centric… Read More »

Enhance your Business productivity using Relationship Insights with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer Relationship is the corner stone to any business enterprise. A thorough understanding of it opens the gateway to the world of opportunities into this competitive corporate world. Recognizing the importance of the actionable insights into the customer relationship, Microsoft has been offering to numerous enterprise level solutions such as Dynamics CRM. Further, it has… Read More »

Boost Sales and increase revenue using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

There can be no better way to convert a lead into a customer or to win customer loyalty, than offering him exactly what he needs to buy. Almost every sales professional acknowledges that predicting the customer needs is a great challenging task. No matter how experienced a sales person may be, there is always a… Read More »