How an ERP helps manufacturers to improve Procurement Process

As manufacturers want to minimize costs while maximizing production, the process of procuring materials, making products, and moving them where they need to be is more complex than ever. This can be simple if manufacturers increase visibility and information sharing through collaborative technologies like manufacturing ERP i.e., Business Central helps to optimize the procurement process… Read More »

Ways to personalize shipping experience in Retail Industry: LS Central

With the changing style of the customers while shopping, ensuring satisfaction requires more than in-store support. With the constant rise of eCommerce, direct-to-consumer sales are most important than ever. Personalize shipping is now at the forefront of the customer experience. While this can be another challenge and expensive for you as a business owner but… Read More »

8 types of manufacturing process and how they relate to Dynamics 365 Business Central

It’s important for the manufacturers to understand which mode they have to choose so that their needs can be fulfil with a perfect ERP solution. Whether it is primarily order-taking or collective production and sales processes, as well as inventory management responsibilities. The most significant element of fitting the Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP to… Read More »

How warehouse management mobile app supports License Plate Receiving

Warehouses are able to optimize their space and business operations properly if they have proper knowledge of their stock inventory. License plating can be look in both inbound and outbound processes. Shipments leaving facilities can be wrapup for efficient transactions and warehouses receiving shipments can easily group products together. Also, it reduces the number of… Read More »

How an effective Material Handling maximizes warehouse capacity with WMS

If you want to focus on one concept to increase warehouse productivity, boost worker morale, and protect workers all in one go, consider material handling with the warehouse management system. Whereas, Material Handling is known as moving goods safely, and securely, and controlling the goods and items throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal… Read More »

How POS system develop and transform customer experience at retail?

Although online deals are certainly rising, the demand for counter-shopping experiences remains the same. As customers still believe in moving out for counter shopping. Point of Sale, POS system has been creating throughout the years from being one central cash register at checkout to various unnecessary checkpoints. This helps to enhance customers’ overall retail experience.… Read More »