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Optimize your Warehouse Business process with MetaADCS

Unlike most Automated Data Capture System (ADCS) that have evolved from technology integrators with often little or no industry expertise, MetaADCS Advanced Warehouse Solution by MetaOption LLC is an add-on for Dynamics NAV was developed by supply chain professionals who have worked with global distribution and manufacturing companies in the design and implementation of small business warehouse management system automation.

MetaOption MetaADCS decreases manual operations, eliminates paperwork and reduces operational costs by increasing the accuracy and speed of warehouse functions like receiving, putaway, inventory counts, inventory moves, picking and shipping. With access to real-time, accurate inventory data, warehouse professionals save time locating items or performing physical inventories, sales representatives can keep tabs on stock availability, and buyers can maintain optimum stock levels while minimizing carrying costs.

For small and mid-market companies cost and time are serious concerns when implementing a new automated solution. MetaADCS has multiple pricing models to fit every budget. It is also easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use.

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  • Bin: Organize your warehouse by assigning items to bins, the smallest unit in the warehouse logical structure. Bin assignment is done as according to the item journals or directly to the document lines (does not apply to order lines).
  • Cycle Counting: Manage cycle counting, a basic method of verifying inventory record data used to maintain and increase inventory accuracy. Set up cycle counting on the item or SKU level.
  • License Plating: Easily track entire pallets, boxes, or containers of mixed items including mixed lot/serial numbers.
  • Internal Picks and Put-aways: Create picks and put-away orders for internal purposes, without using a source document (such as a purchase order or sales order). For example, pick items for testing or put away production output.
  • Put Away: Enable warehouse workers to create a put away from the released order. Put Away is managed from a separate user interface when receiving items in an order-by-order environment.
  • Pick: Enable warehouse workers to create a pick from the released order. Pick is managed from a separate user interface when shipping items in an order-by-order environment.
  • Stock-Keeping Units: Manage stock-keeping units (SKUs). Identical items with the same item number can be stored in different locations and managed individually at each location. Add cost prices, replenishment, manufacturing information, and so on, based on the location.
  • Warehouse Receipt: Enable warehouse workers to create a put-away from the receipt. Warehouse Receipt is managed from a separate user interface when receiving items in a multi-order environment.
  • Warehouse Shipping: Enable warehouse workers to create a pick for the shipment. Warehouse Shipment is managed from a separate user interface when shipping items in a multi-order environment.
  • Multiple Locations: Manage your inventory across production plants, distribution centers, warehouses, show rooms, etc. including in-transit locations.
  • Barcoding:
    • System allows user to configure and print 1D and 2D barcodes for Items, BINs and License Plates
    • Multiple barcodes identities can be created to point to same entity in NAV/D365BC
    • Ability to auto-generate barcodes identities by the system or supply user defined barcodes identities
  • Label Printing:
    • Label Printing (2D, QR Code, Barcode, multiple barcode identities pointing to same entity)
      • BIN
      • License Plate (LP)
      • Item
      • Location
    • Label Printing on Receiving
      • Warehouse personnel has the ability to print the labels at the time of Receiving from Zebra MC33XX mobile devices at the time of receiving
      • Prints Vendor, PO #, Receiving Date along with Item information
    • Label Printing on Picks
      • Warehouse personnel has the ability to print the labels at the time of Pick from Zebra MC33XX mobile devices at the time of receiving
      • Prints Sales Order / Work Order #, Pick #, Pick Date along with Item information
    • Customizable Label templates
      • Supported label dimensions
        • Item (Size: “2×4”, Size: “1×3”, Size: “0.5×2”)
        • BIN (Size: “2×4”, Size: “3×5”)
        • License Plate (Size: “2×4”)
      • Customizable
        • Existing labels are customization to include more info
        • New labels can be easily introduced
  • Read any Barcode:
    • Ability for mobile scanner to rad any 1D/2D barcode for BIN, License Plate, Items (Raw Materials and Produced Items) and present the data to the user in real-time on the device
      • Bin Content
      • License Plate Content
      • Item Details, Available Quantity, Quantity in BINs / LPs, Quantity in Production etc.
  • Movement:
    • Single step movement process from Zebra Mobile Device for stock movement between BINs and/or License Plates
  • Over Receiving:
    • Allow receiving user to over-receive the quantities from Mobile Device at the receiving doc
    • Configuration matrix by Item and Vendor which allows admin to configure tolerance level of permitted over receiving by Vendor and/or Item

Additional MetaADCS Benefits

  • MetaADCS provides a better ROI for your overall technology investment by helping to eliminate manual processes, streamline operations and optimize your workforce
  • These devices working together can increase workforce productivity –The integration between data collection devices and your WMS can help reduce manual data entry and time spent searching for and correcting errors
  • Selecting ruggedized data collection devices and printing solutions designed for your specific facility needs can reduce your total cost of ownership with reduced repair costs and device downtime
  • When all aspects of your MetaADCS network are integrated seamlessly, business processes can be streamlined using automation. This can help to eliminate inefficient processes.
  • MetaADCS networks are designed to increase system usability. Users can more quickly and easily collect and share data and perform tasks, all while maintaining compliance.
  • Get Access for real time Tracking and Traceability.
  • Supports 2D Barcode which allows to embed larger dataset within the barcode.
  • Bin & License Plate Management
  • Do the warehouse activities like Warehouse Receipts, Put-away, Picks, Shipments, Movements, Physical Inventory, Cycle Couting etc. in real-time with Handheld device.
  • Supports wave picking to reduce time.
2d QR code

2D Barcode Scanning

2D barcodes are being adopted very quickly in a wide range of industries for their compact size and data capacity. Generate 2D barcodes directly from Dynamics Business Central/NAV that include all information relevant to a scan, such as an item number, lot number, expiration date, UOM, or even quantity.

The smaller barcode size means it can be applied to smaller items, or made large enough to be scanned from a distance while still fitting on a small label. The number of distinct pieces of data stored in the barcode can reduce the number of scans required to execute an action. For example, a single scan could bring in an item number, lot number, and weight.

In addition to 2D codes, flexible user-configured rules enable the system to interpret any barcode format and symbology you can imagine, including UPC/GS1, GTIN, custom formats, etc.

Here are few other functionalities:

  • Print and scan barcodes
  • Ship, receive, and count inventory
  • Handle order management
  • Track parts across multiple locations

Get Access for Real-Time Tracking and Traceability

MetaOption MetaADCS Warehouse Management System provides end-to-end inventory tracking and visibility. All material is identified with a unique License Plate (LP) allowing the system to track material with a high level of precision. Events are logged giving you access to detailed, historical data, and real-time visibility of all warehouse activities.

Capture lot and serial numbers for any transaction

For industries where lot tracking is required, MetaADCS provides robust functionality to help streamline the process. Lot and serial numbers can be recorded and tracked directly on the handheld device. In addition to tracking, MetaADCS provides reports to help you comply with regulatory requirements.


License Plate Management

Easily track entire pallets, boxes, or containers of mixed items including mixed lot/serial numbers.

License Plate Management (License Plating) from MetaADCS provides users with the ability to track and generate labels to reference entire pallets, boxes, crates, or containers that contain mixed items or mixed lot/serial numbers.

The License Plates barcodes are easily printed directly from handheld devices and can be used for picking, receiving, movements, consumption, and shipping.

  • Overcome supply chain challenges, speed up warehouse/shop floor transactions, reduce errors and more.
  • Distinguish each product carton or item with a unique license plate number (LPN) in a warehouse setting.
  • Identify goods in transactions such as receiving, moving, production or shipping.
  • Reduce the number of scans necessary to enter a transaction.

Moving product through your warehouse requires abundance of scanning but through the magic of License Plating from MetaOption MetaADCS, you can move product through with less scanning while helping to address errors related to manual input and data integrity. Put simply, License Plating allows for efficient transactions which increase your overall warehouse operation efficiency.

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container management

Container Management

Containers are used throughout the inbound and outbound processes to consolidate orders. A unique identifier is assigned to each container and as orders are processed, data is captured and linked to that unique number. All information pertaining to the contents and movements of the order are captured and recorded. The results are accurate orders, to one or many orders which allows for accurate order preparation, error-proofing, and order tracking throughout the inbound and outbound processes.


Defined receiving process, from a purchase Order to a receipt generated at receiving doc to include:

  • Scan PO# to start
  • Scan the Item# Barcode
  • Scan the Lot# Barcode
  • Enter Quantity to Inspect
  • Receive and Put away or exception


System directed actions such as starting of a pick for a Sales Order and using the scanner to record the License Plate, Item and LOT Barcodes. Registration of the pick, Item, Lot#, License plate and Location along with quantity picked will all be supported. Support for the following shipping activities

Materials Picking

Improved Bills of Materials journal posting that includes material picking & registration, collected and staged for a production run consuming these items or services.

Movement and Transfers

Inventory movement is a simple transaction consisting of a movement of an item or License Plate from one location to another in the same warehouse. A Transfer is a movement between two separate warehouses an item or License Plate.

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