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Office 365 Applications: Office 365 isn’t just hosted email exchange

Office 365 has now acquired topmost position as cloud based business application among enterprises. Office 365 is believed to be a hosted email exchange. Contrary to this belief, its applications offer a wealth of added functionality and benefits. It has much more to offer you so that you can get most of your investment. Here… Read More »

Things to consider if you are thinking of migrating to Office 365

Migrating to Office 365 is becoming increasingly popular among businesses both large and small. The upside of moving from an on-premises environment to one hosted online by Microsoft offers compelling benefits. It is friendlier to mobile users and Microsoft is still and always improving it. It is all too tempting but, there are things you… Read More »

How secure is your data on Office 365?

In the past, many organizations cited concerns about security and compliance in the cloud as justification for keeping email and file sharing and storage infrastructure entirely on-premises. However, with recent additions and enhancements to reliable and trusted security features and capabilities by leaders in the technology service providers, customers from across geographies and industry verticals… Read More »

Which one is better for me: Office 365 or Office 2016?

Are you looking for an option to upgrade your system with the latest Office tools? Always wondering about increasing your business productivity with the latest and more efficient versions of productivity tools? Then you might have plenty of options. Now, among them, are you are struggling to decide between the most recent Microsoft productivity tools… Read More »

Still wondering, if it’s Okay to Switch to Office365 ?

Productivity tools are something that are needed by employees in all sorts of organizations so that they can work smartly and collaborate effectively. For that they need tools those can let them work from almost any location and on almost any device, that too in complete synchronization. The Office365 is especially designed to meet this… Read More »

Exchange Online Protection for Businesses

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) is an e-mail security service which filters spam and remove computer viruses from emails. A web based console the Exchange Administration Centre is responsible for accessing and administering this cloud based service. It helps manage filters and tasks and add or delete users. Also it has facility to access reports and… Read More »

Office 365 Enterprise E3 Changing the Ways of Working

To smarten & bring efficiency in every task we do, we usually look for professional conduct. Day to day official tasks make immense use of Microsoft Office. Similar formats too were offered by many competing operating systems with improved efficiencies. Still the worth that got achieved by MS Office got hardly tasted by any other.… Read More »

Office 365: New Message Encryption

It is a type of security offered to the emails being sent with proper Office 365 (Office 365: New Message Encryption) web application from a company’s web portal to other members using the authentic Office 365 cloud based computing tool environment. It works brilliantly with many name email servers like, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange Server,… Read More »