Outreach Customer loyalty by outstanding customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By | December 28, 2016

No matter how perfect the products you may manufacture, no matter how efficient the services you may offer, it’s the customer who, at the end of the day, is the only one to make the judgement on this. Certainly, here, it’s the customer experience that is the key to treasure of your fortune. Again, enticing the customers is just the beginning, winning their long-term loyalty must be the real goal. And, that’s not an easy task.

Gone are the days, when customers used to make buying decisions on the basis of direct sales, or paper or audio-visual media advertisement. Today is the era of internet and exponentially expanding social media. Obviously, the new customer is well informed owning to these. The traditional word-of-mouth has reincarnated itself as what we observe on social media platforms, such as, Facebook, twitter, Quora etc.

In a recent study, it was found that over 90% Customers start the buying decision process using the internet. Furthermore, most of them are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. Customer experience (CX) is an aggregate of the entire interactions between the customers and the organization. It’s a repository of episodic memory of the journey with milestones at various points of contact, i.e. individual moments of experience with an enterprise’s offerings.

Customer loyalty can be ensured only if the organization has developed an expertise in understanding customer’s varying needs and wants on a continuous basis. And, this is a great challenge. Yes, to meet the speed and complexity of customer behavior, only an automated software which could keep you updated is the only solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM  is one such software. Let’s look into what it can do for you?

1.  Always keep in touch-

Having regular communication with customers is the most fundamental to customer experience. Successful Management of huge and ever increasing customer base cannot be accomplished manually. This requires you to keep the customer database updated. Dynamics CRM helps you here. It allows you to keep your existing customers updated with your company’s news, offers, sales campaigns, or other initiatives.

2.  Learn from Social media-

Today, most of the customers receive the information inputs from social media platforms, and also share their experiences there only. This is likely that your existing customer base may not be enriching you adequately on this. So, if CRM can keep listening these social media updates, you can certainly reach to the next level in your endeavor.

3.  Create personalized communication-

Everyone feels delighted if you can talk about his or her needs, wants and preferences; and so you customer too. The greatest stride in ensuring loyalty comes with engaging your customer in personalized communication. Find the CRM Software which can do it for you.

4.  Become a guide:

Save your customers’ valuable time by guiding them in buying decisions. By way of sending email sequences or posting on the company’s blogsite, you can help them in getting the best while going through various stages. Isn’t a great way to keep your customer busy around you – by setting a milestone to this journey while becoming a trusted companion?

5.  Be responsive to the needs and support quickly-

Support them whenever they need you- that’s the key to a true companionship. If you want to win their loyalty, you first have to show your loyalty. That is, not absconding or delaying your support when they need. A robust CRM software provides the right tools to help you in being responsive.

There are more ways to help you reach your goal- Customer Loyalty as a product of outstanding customer experience. To know more, please click here.

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