Find out what’s New Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 has to offer

By | December 26, 2016

With the release of Microsoft’s new Dynamics NAV 2017, everyone’s being curious about what new there is for them. With Dynamics NAV 2017, Microsoft tends to target three major goals introducing various features

•  Bringing two worlds together by deepening its integration with Office 365 and embedded Power BI,

• Enhancing the core application and platform by contributing in areas such as Jobs, CRM, Finance, Items, User Experiences and System and Configurations, and

• Creating new opportunities by moving to cloud, access to Cortana Intelligence and developments in PowerApps, Flow and Extensions.

NAV users can expect a lot from Dynamics NAV 2017. As businesses are developing more and more interest in cloud and Office 365 they can advantage a lot from better integration of the two worlds. So, it is important in order to get handy with the NAV 2017 capabilities and gaining more from its revenue and business opportunities.

• Quick Setup and Configuration
You can get all-ready and set to run faster with Dynamics 2017. It assists you through the setup process and number of configuration options, simplifying and streamlining the complex process saving time and unnecessary efforts.

• Improved User Experience
The browser-based interface, in-context notifications, web client, and overall client enhancements bring the NAV 2017 much closer to the end-users. It ensures better performance, productivity and simplicity help users with day-to-day tasks.

• Integrated Office 365 experience
With direct integration of NAV 2017 with Office 365, and the number of add-ins it makes your work more efficient. This allows you to freely navigate between NAV data and office productivity tools. Thus, enabling effortless review, analysis, and collaborating with colleagues around your business. This also allows you to sync contacts, create customer invoices and import attachments from emails with only several clicks.

• Embedded Power BI and Cortana Intelligence
Business Intelligence is integrated with NAV 2017 through Power BI providing easy to apprehend dashboard, reports and easy to exchange data. Cortana Intelligence gives your NAV learning ability so that it learns from history, improving insights for predicting sales, forecasting and inventory management.

• Finance Enhancements
NAV 2017 comes with in-built account schedules and account categories enable you to view the financial statement of your business at any instant, creating better reporting to provide structure to your chart of accounts. The ready-to-use financial statements increase your business’ financial efficiency by providing valuable and easily accessible insights.

• PowerApps and Workflow
PowerApps allows you to explore and analyze data as required. And Microsoft Flow enables you to track and automate tasks thus decreasing your working hours and improving productivity.

• E-everything
E-everything includes hyperlinks to payment services allowing your customers to pay invoices online, also supporting multiple ways of accepting payments.

• Optimized Mobile CRM
Dynamics NAV 2017 streamlines CRM experience and enhances the integration process with CRM online. Simplified CRM includes contact management, interactions, and sales opportunities. It also enables you to use improved interactions logging from your phone, logging email messages.

• Item Management
Dynamics NAV 2017 helps you with managing items as it helps you create custom item attributes and assign an item attribute value according to your business requirements, also helps to make sales documents.

Microsoft has induced these features needed in order to run your business smoothly and with ease. The robust solution Dynamics NAV is quick to implement, easy to use and has the ability to support your business ambitions. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 has both integration and simplicity to offer you.


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