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How to find the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for your Business?

Getting the right CRM consultant always comes with a great strategic advantage for today’s business organizations, especially for those have to deal with countless customer queries on daily basis. Setting up an automated system like Dynamics CRM, which is designed to save numerous human efforts and time, is a smart business decision. But, at the… Read More »

Create Enhanced Customer experience by implementing Microsoft Bot Framework with Dynamics CRM

A good beginning of Customer interaction or conversation is the basis of achieving customer engagement and loyalty. The moment your customer approaches you, he would like to get the basic information about the products or services directly from your customer support. The agility in customer handling will be impetus to his liking towards your organization.… Read More »

Manage private Sales documents using OneDrive for Business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Where do you store the documents for your personal use, which are not to be shared by others in the team? Microsoft brings you with OneDrive for Business for this purpose. Usually, there are three type of sales related documents that are created in an organization. A few which are shared with others in the… Read More »

Magnify your sales volume with social selling: Implement Dynamics CRM LinkedIn Integration

Welcome to the era of social selling. Get the best out of your selling efforts, by means of accessing the social networks. This can be achieved by integrating your sales tool Dynamics CRM with the most reliable Social Network LinkedIn seamlessly. Microsoft has devised LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to optimize your selling endeavors. In a study… Read More »

Outreach Customer loyalty by outstanding customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

No matter how perfect the products you may manufacture, no matter how efficient the services you may offer, it’s the customer who, at the end of the day, is the only one to make the judgement on this. Certainly, here, it’s the customer experience that is the key to treasure of your fortune. Again, enticing… Read More »

Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM to expedite your business growth

No matter which products or services that any business enterprise deals with, maintaining a productive relationship with customers is the cornerstone to its success. Customer retention has always been a great challenge before them, and has grown more tedious in the modern day’s business environment. Thanks to information technology revolution, customers are more informed as… Read More »

If you’re on the fence about choice of CRM, follow the article

Every business is built on customer relationship. They are striving to survive in this competitive marketplace, and thus need to build a strong customer service culture. The CRM software is the best solution to manage everything ranging from your clients to your contacts. Furthermore, it helps you handle your customer service, sales and marketing too.… Read More »

Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce CRM : A Comparison

This section highlights some of the key fact-based differences between two of the biggest CRM giants, namely, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM are two of the most popular CRMs available today. Both consist of many qualitative features, which force businesses to select them instead of other CRMs. But… Read More »