Manage private Sales documents using OneDrive for Business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By | January 20, 2017

Where do you store the documents for your personal use, which are not to be shared by others in the team? Microsoft brings you with OneDrive for Business for this purpose.

Usually, there are three type of sales related documents that are created in an organization. A few which are shared with others in the team to facilitate collaborative works. A few others which are used as public documents to be shared by everyone in the organization. However, there are always a few other documents, which are created by you for the personal use, such as Sales pitch. These documents may be shared by others, only when it is required to do so. Microsoft provides three ways to manage these files. Here, you can use Office 365 Groups for collaborative storage, and SharePoint for public documents. Whereas, for storing private documents, OneDrive is the most preferred option.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, users can create and manage the documents for their private use on OneDrive for Business. As both have been integrated natively, users can access these documents within the account record or opportunity, without leaving the CRM.

OneDrive for Business is online storage intended for business purposes, and if you are using Office 365, you will get 1 TB cloud storage for OneDrive for Business. This is available with SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint On-premises with SharePoint 2016.

By default, all the files that you store in OneDrive for Business are private. These documents are automatically synced to your desktop and mobile devices. You can also open various office documents stored privately in OneDrive for Business directly from within the CRM mobile apps (using smartphones and tablets). This is how, it helps in promoting mobility of your users, and eliminate the rigidity of working from a fixed physical work location.

Further, as these files are stored privately, and if you want to share them with others, you will need to move them to an Office 365 group for collaboration or store as public documents in SharePoint server.

The advantage of using OneDrive for Business is that it is simple to use and user friendly for those already having personal Microsoft or outlook account for OneDrive. The only difference is that it is managed by the organization. It allows you to share and collaborate on work related documents with other co-workers. The entire process is controlled by the site collection administrators after enabling the users to use ‘OneDrive for Business’.

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