Welcome to New Year…New Customer…New Challenges…New Trends… And so…New CRM with Microsoft Dynamics

By | January 20, 2017

Acquiring a new customer, and winning the existing customer loyalty by way of meeting the customer satisfaction is the only way-out to outshine in the industry. For that matter, understanding their behavior is an essential exercise. CRM solutions helps you here. So, it’s important to choose the best CRM software, which could predict the customer behavior appropriately.

Considering the importance of changing customer behavior in the New Year, CRM software solutions are likely to modify their capabilities accordingly, and turning themselves in a new CRM. The marketing professionals in most of the business organizations must keep themselves abreast of the upcoming challenges coming in the form of upcoming trends.

Here, we will discuss in a little details about the key trends and challenges before the CRM software in this year 2017.

1.  Smarter customersCustomer Intelligence

Well informed customers find advertisements disturbing, often block messages. Challenge is to gain their trust and attention while communicating the message. And, this requires you to have nearly perfect customer insight. New CRM must provide the real time analytics to understand your customers. It must be able to communicate the right customer the right message at the right time. Further, every individual customer wants personal attention, so personalize messaging should be an essential component of a CRM solution. This calls for a contextual CRM.

2. Huge voluminous dataAdvanced AI powered bots-

Thanks to internet technology, there is almost flood of information across the business world. But the challenge is to identify them promptly and convert them into the most relevant and productive business insights, and consequently, to devise the concrete and pragmatic business plan. This is not humanly possible. Further, the way, the internet speeds are getting accelerated, and more and more complex social and virtual networks are emerging, the development and use of AI powered bots are the evident trends of the future, particularly in the contemporary data-driven business practices.

A CRM utilizing them in the best way can be the only forerunner in the market. In addition, Integration of predictive analytics tools into the CRM can help us to develop foresight into customer behavior patterns.

3. Overpowering Social Media- Social CRM –

Though previously denied as useful component in the formal work culture, the contemporary business practices are witnessing see-wave change. Social media channels are no longer fun places, but are now the integral part of corporate culture. Informal means of sales practices are more effective than formal means. Conventional cold calling is usually irritating for even interested customers. On the other hand, getting them through social media and convincing them about your brand is easier. It also helps in greater trust building between the customer and organization.

Furthermore, since the advent of mobile devices technologies, like- smartphones, tablets etc. people during the most of their waking hours are found to be available on social networks. They usually form opinions about any products, services, brands…by analyzing the information on their favorite channels, such as Facebook, twitter, Quora, LinkedIn etc.

In the contemporary times, most of the CRM software have not been able to tap market potential available on the social media channels. Here, the recent Dynamics CRM integration with LinkedIn has changed the scenario dramatically.

4. 360-degree Customer service- All-integrated CRM solution-

As the entire globe is today’s marketplace, you can find customers inhabitation in several time zone across the globe. But, it also brings a great challenge to provide round the clock service. But, more importantly, you must be able to provide customer service in its entirety. And, so you must you must understand the customer from all points of view. This requires you to process the information coming from multiple sources- traditional means of communications like-phone calls, social media networks, word-of-mouth, and intra-organizational. As a consequence, they lead to greater degree of complexity of the information at the disposal. Here, you need of a CRM solution which is able to integrate all the means of customer engagement. Needless to say, it should be capable of incorporating the best of mobile and cloud computing technologies, ERP solutions- collaborating various business functions in an organization. This is the key to smooth information flow inside and outside the organization. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative and integrated ERP and CRM solution offered by Microsoft to business enterprises for getting them the best out of their resources.

So, this year, you will have to face a New Customer, who is well-informed and keeps himself updated with the state-of-the-art technology. This brings you New Challenges for your enterprise. To meet them successfully, you will need CRM software which are following the New Trends in CRM technologies. Microsoft is much ahead of the time, and has brought you its comprehensive solution- Dynamics 365.

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