How can Business Intelligence capabilities in SharePoint 2016 help you become market leader?

By | January 20, 2017

In the contemporary times, businesses usually face in the stiff competition from the peer enterprises. At the same time, they may find numerous opportunities available in the existing market space. Furthermore, an organization can grow only on the basis of marshaling the strength of their business activities, and by minimizing their weaknesses. Thus, to survive and excel in the market, they are required to undergo SWOT analysis on a continuous basis, and to keep on making decisions- from long term or strategic to short-term or tactical. This entire process requires a great degree of intensive data analysis. Undoubtedly, Data comes to a business entity from many directions, and from numerous sources. These sources may be – on-premises business applications running on enterprise intranet, cloud based applications, or external business environments, such as mobile networks, websites of – competitors, of business partners, social media forums, among others.

Microsoft SharePoint which is one of the best collaborative solution, with its built-in business intelligence capabilities, allows you to make the best of these continuously floating information. The main pillars of BI in SharePoint are- MS Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and PerformancePoint. PowerPivot is the core Business Intelligence Stack for On-Premises Users.

SharePoint BI application attempts to provide effective reporting, which is key to decision making after the data analysis. This involves the presentation of analytical data in a comprehensive form. There are four types of reports are supported by the system. These are- (1) Paginated Reports – which are classical operational reports. These are provided in a structured format, and are built with SQL Server Report Builder or SQL Server Data Tools (2) Interactive Reports – These reports are built with Power BI Desktop, which is a contemporary visual data discovery application and the next generation of Power View technology (3) Mobile Reports – based on Datazen technology, these reports are aimed at mobile devices. Thus, it helps you get the essential business insights anywhere and anytime. (4) Analytical Reports and Charts – created with Excel-one of the most widely analytical used today.

With Microsoft SharePoint 2016, the Business Intelligence features for SharePoint, now made available in other platforms such as SQL Server 2016, or even Office 365 if you are using the Cloud Services. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2016 will be the delivery mechanism for first three of these 4 report types.

Owing to the key BI features described as above, SharePoint 2016 causes numerous benefits to the Businesses as follows:

1. Centralized information system– by presenting key business information at a centralized location, the system enables the users to make informed decisions.

2. Actionable Reporting– As the business reporting combines the in-depth data analysis with easy to comprehend visualized presentation, businesses can take prompt action by identifying the key trend in any business situation.

3. Quick Decision Making– By providing the entire updated business information in comprehensive reports, the users can make quick business decisions.

4. Setting up realistic business goals– With the built-in business intelligence, it’s easy to derive the KPIs (Key performance indicators) for any business unit of the enterprise. Thus, it allows the users to set the realistic and achievable business goals.

While keeping you updated with critical information available in the internal and external environment of the business, SharePoint confers your ability to make sound business decisions, which are vital to survive, as well as, essential to lead in the market. To know more on this, please click here

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