How secure is your data on Office 365?

By | December 28, 2016

In the past, many organizations cited concerns about security and compliance in the cloud as justification for keeping email and file sharing and storage infrastructure entirely on-premises.

However, with recent additions and enhancements to reliable and trusted security features and capabilities by leaders in the technology service providers, customers from across geographies and industry verticals have chosen to move their most sensitive information to cloud services.

Office 365 relieves all your worries with its broad range of security features when you put your data in the cloud service. And, when did right, you will get your data more secure in cloud than in on-premises servers.

Service-Level Capabilities for Office 365 Security

•  The first and foremost is the impossible to breach physical security of Office 365 servers. As the locations of Microsoft’s facilities is not disclosed to public, you can’t get into its servers where the content is stored, even if you find the center’s location, with the large number of world-wide utilities locating a particular data is near to impossible.

•  Whether your data is idle or is being processed or accessed using Office 365, it always is stored encrypted. Disks using BitLocker encryption, SSL over HTTP and even IRM on Document libraries are some of the things those ensure that third-party personnel can steal a glimpse of your data without permission.

•  Through Office 365, Microsoft takes a safe approach to prevent your data from exposing as, unlike other cloud platforms, it doesn’t mine you or your users’ information for advertising purposes or for targeting ads.

•  Microsoft may use the data on how you use features to improve services to improve the overall experience without sharing it. However, they will not access your actual content or access your mailbox or   OneDrive for business files without your permission. It also lets you to audit all access to your tenant information by a Microsoft employee so that you can keep track of what is happening.

•  In the rarest possible case if your data on the server is lost or gets corrupted, the data can easily be restored as Microsoft uses multiple layers of redundancy and backups of information at the datacenter level for that time only.

•  Microsoft offers you a timeframe of 90 days to export your data away from your expired subscription and saves you from losing your business critical data even when your subscription ends.

•  Office 365 makes sure users require strong password to prevent security breach from simple brute force attack. It also lets you enable multi-factor authentication to have an extra layer of security other than just the password.

•  You can manage the privacy settings to fit your needs. Either as an administrator or as a regular user, you can control what can be seen and by whom, in your organization.

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