Office 365 Applications: Office 365 isn’t just hosted email exchange

By | April 14, 2017

Office 365 has now acquired topmost position as cloud based business application among enterprises. Office 365 is believed to be a hosted email exchange. Contrary to this belief, its applications offer a wealth of added functionality and benefits. It has much more to offer you so that you can get most of your investment.

Here are the ways you can make most out of your Office 365 solution and get real value of its applications:

•  Scale according to your requirement
Generally, one purchase their business applications on a perpetual license, this gives you indefinite access to software. While, by moving to Office 365 you get pay-as-you-go pricing. This offers you flexibility to add or take away licenses as your business grows or reduces in size. Office 365 offers you a scalable solution that can adapt and change along with the changes in your business.

•  Always stay up-to-date
With Office 365 you can stay ahead of the game at all time. You benefit from the latest updates as soon as they go live. And all these updates are contained in monthly subscription. As a business, it helps you a great deal with driving down your IT management costs relating to software upgrades, while giving you all the benefits of the latest innovations in Microsoft technology.

To stay secure and reliable, exchange is needed in order to be updated regularly. Usually, with on premises servers, upgrades take the server offline for extended duration of time. Microsoft provides you with updates without affecting availability so that your server doesn’t need to go offline. Thus, your email always stays up and running even while updating without effecting your everyday business.

•  Get Digital with its vast range of applications
Office 365 for business is an extension of the conventional Microsoft Office Suite of business applications, apps you are well aware of. Office 365 suite include all the applications you like and are accustomed to i.e. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Along with these applications, it includes 20 additional applications designed to enhance productivity and improve collaboration and open a whole world of apps for you.

•  Manage Business effectively
IT personnel always like to be fully-aware of what everyone is doing with their systems. If something bad occurs, then it is likely due to user error. Microsoft has presented a way to build an unparalleled level of control for administrators. While with Dynamics 365 administrators gain control over the environment, it is also intended to be intuitive and simple in nature. It combines Microsoft ERP and CRM functionality into one solution that integrates effortlessly with Office 365 using a common data model.

•  Fits businesses of all size
If you are just beginning with small business, Office 365 can help you get up and running faster and in more cost-effective way. When purchasing and configuring your own IT infrastructure, it helps to save on the upfront costs that come with it.

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