Why You Should Switch to Lync for Sharing PowerPoint Presentations

By | August 7, 2014

Microsoft Lync is an instant messaging client which comes along with the MS Lync Server. It is targeted for the corporate environment. Lync provides instant messaging, Voice over IP and video conferencing. It is also well integrated with other Microsoft software. The software offers the facility to share files and robust security of communications. You can find out if others are working on the same document. Also, it is possible to get the contact list which is stored in Microsoft Outlook. The main power of this software is its real time multi-client collaborative software capabilities. Here participants can view and collaborate on a particular application. Participants can also control and view PowerPoint presentations and they have the permission to add text and graphics. One more important feature is desktop sharing, which enables collaboration and the display of relevant information.

Why Lync is great for PowerPoint Presentations

Easy for participants to add real time inputs -Lync gives the participants the ability and permission to annotate the uploaded presentation. This is great for real time collaboration of your presentation session. This feature cannot be utilized in case you just share your desktop.

  • Skip slides without creating a bad impression – Normally, if you want to skip slides to reach another slide which is ahead you have to go in sequence. Alternatively, you have to come out of the presentation mode. Lync enables you to see the list of thumbnails by which you can go directly to the desired slide. The participant can only see only the slides that you share with them. They are not aware whether you’re skipping slides. This way you can avoid a poor image or embarrassment.
  • Use speaker notes without the knowledge of the other participants -Thanks to Lync, your speaker notes are accessible and available to you on your screen. Here the participants cannot see them.
  • Ability to deliver rich content along with the presentation – Even if you have uploaded the Power Point presentation you will have smooth access to the instant messaging conversation video and the Visual Roster of the participants.
  • Other advantages and features which make Lync ideal to deliver PowerPoint presentations – Thanks to Lync, you can deliver professional and powerful presentation from the comfort of your home or office. Lync gives the administrator the ability to upgrade participants to be the presenter and set desired restrictions for content. The navigation is easy and user friendly. Participants can use the presentation on a large screen because of this powerful software. Presentations can be recorded easily and there are user-friendly icons to start, pause, stop and save the recording. You can leverage Lync to give professional presentations which is a great way to connect and communicate with others and share critical information.
  • High display quality and mobile device support – Lync also supports a high resolution giving participants a sharp and clear display. The participants can join via mobile devices too.

Microsoft Lync is state-of-the-art software which enables professional, simple and powerful delivery of PowerPoint presentations to multiple participants.

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