Exchange Online Protection for Businesses

By | August 11, 2014

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) is an e-mail security service which filters spam and remove computer viruses from emails. A web based console the Exchange Administration Centre is responsible for accessing and administering this cloud based service. It helps manage filters and tasks and add or delete users. Also it has facility to access reports and manage quarantined files. Today, data is being created and transmitted in huge volumes. According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive in 2012, 68% of organizations send sensitive data through email. Its a big challenge to keep all these data safe. For businesses there exist increasingly sophisticated threats such as viruses, malware and spam.

Cloud based solution – Exchange features specifically designed to take control of data protection. These include cloud based email hygiene. Exchange Online Protection, moves e-mail protection to the cloud and belongs to Microsoft. Businesses which use this tool do not have to bother about the disparity between the amount of data and the number of personnel to manage it. This software is continuously updated, so that it can tackle present and emerging threats effectively. MS security researchers keep a watch on spam, phishing, malware and network attacks around the world. Based on this knowledge, they update Exchange Online Protection to protect against these threats.

State-of-the-art technology – Exchange Online Protection is an enterprise class anti-spam and anti-virus service. It leverages proprietary anti-spam technology to identify spam while allowing legitimate emails to pass through accurately. It comprises of multiple and complementary anti-virus engines specifically designed to detect viruses in emails and other malicious code in incoming, outgoing and internal emails. Thus your business is protected from malicious content which originates from behind the firewall used by you. All these features come built in when absolutely no configuration is required to start or maintain the filtering technology.

Scalability and reliability – Exchange online protection provides an extremely high level of security vigilance, innovation and almost unlimited scalability. In order to keep customers email available always EOP leverages a globally load-balanced network of data centers in order to provide nearly hundred percent network uptime. This software increases email reliability by queuing email for up to 5 days, getting rid of bounces in the eventuality that the on-premises email servers fail. This product scales seamlessly as the business grows.

Saving in terms of time and effort – EOP offers several operational benefits. It helps businesses offload the expensive, repetitive and unproductive areas of email protection which include purchasing and servicing hardware, implementing software updates and managing network connections. This allows businesses control over the significant parts of their operations. There is a facility to set specific filtering rules and policies via a user friendly and simple web-based administrative tool. EOP also gives exhaustive reporting, auditing and message trace facilities.

Businesses benefit by a reliable and state-of-the-art email protection software. Exchange online support helps by taking over the responsibility of email protection freeing businesses to concentrate on their core competencies in order to generate revenue. Investing in this software will definitely yield results an exponentially greater return on investment. Choosing this software could be the wisest decision for any business.

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