Now is the time for you to move your ERP to Cloud

By | January 31, 2017

Does it bother you when most of the business leaders complain about their on-premises ERP system that it isn’t meeting their needs but still aren’t upgrading it? If you ask them regarding this then most likely you’ll always stumble upon same answer that however upgrades they have done the result remain same.

The On-premise ERP solutions being used by companies are already an old story. These systems sure can be upgraded to imitate modern capabilities. But these upgrades can cost a lot in all, time, money and efforts. Then too the system only meets requirements identified when the project was initiated, that doesn’t make a notable difference as with all the time taken the upgraded system is already out-of-date.

So, if you are among these business leaders, but have bigger plans for your business then you should transition from on-premises ERP system to modern, always up-to-date cloud-based solution.

SaaS has already become the near norm, with everything from productivity products to CRM moving to cloud. So, you might already be using cloud services like Office 365, Google Analytics, the Adobe Creative Suite, and GoToMeeting etc. With ERP or supply chain solutions are usually the risk tolerance is very low so it might be a tough decision for you. However, you should consider it if you are coming across following signs:

•  The expiration date of your On-premise ERP system has passed as updating it can be time-consuming and expensive with very little benefits.

•  You are having difficulties with the generation and management of reports due to legacy ERP limitations.

•  Your aging ERP infrastructure needs replacement, that can be pretty costly yet even with robust hardware implemented you are not in a position to improve your system’s overall performance.

•  Your potential investments in other business-building capabilities are limiting because of skyrocketing maintenance costs.

•  Most of your precious time are being consumed in troubleshooting instead of your business.

•  You are often getting conflicting answers to business critical questions as your on-premises ERP system includes a  number of data repositories.

•  With increasing Financial and regulatory compliance requirements, you are finding your current on-premises ERP system lacking.

•  Your ERP solution is restricting you from efficiently scaling your business.

•  To remain competitive and survive in the global market you now want to utilize real-time business intelligence.

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