Cloud based Infrastructure: A great way to ensure the competitive advantage

By | December 13, 2016

During the last decade, IT industry has undergone the most intense and widespread transformations. IT for everyone, globalization and the internet of things are becoming common trends now. These trends without any doubt come with advanced operations, improve your performance and enhance your capabilities, but they are accompanied by a number of challenges.

Here, cloud computing
is emerged as a prominent technology that helps to ensure flexibility in this rapidly transforming IT industry. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) allows your organization to reduce your overall IT expenditure yet improving your performance. It allows you to utilize various resources of your service provider i.e. storage, hardware, servers and other component. IaaS, in other words, can also be considered as a rented hardware.

There are various reasons for why it is trending or why your organizations should also consider it:

•  Scalability & Flexibility

The growth of your business can’t be predicted so you can always be in need of more resources or even end up with extra idle resources. The cloud services scales alongside your business, based on load or schedule. IaaS adapts quickly to your business environment, and evolves as your needs change. The cloud can also be customized as per the needs.

•  Cost savings

Cloud service providers use virtualization to pool and allocate resources simultaneously to several users, thus make their use more efficient and cheaper. The organizations thus only need to pay for the resources and services that they are using, and the amount of storage they need. Moreover, they don’t need to spend extra on maintenance, hardware or OS configuration, and electricity costs of running their machines.

•  Secure data storage

IaaS provides you with huge storage. You can store any file data, structured data sets or queries in a reliable yet quick environment. You can easily manage and move your data on cloud and can share it with other users more conveniently and securely. IaaS also has different security mechanisms running to provide security to your stored data.

Cloud based infrastructure virtualizes your on-premise servers and storage and reduces all associated costs of purchase, maintenance, upgrade and replacement. It also ensures availability of your critical application round the clock. It’s handy while keeping pace with the progression of corporate IT and communications with hard pressed IT budgets. In a nutshell, by way of ensuring scalability, cost reduction along with security of precious business data, it brings your enterprise the competitive advantage over others.

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