Why Amazon Web Services is the best cloud solution today?

By | September 7, 2014

Amazon was the pioneer of cloud computing and continues to hold a significant lead over the existing competition. AWS (Amazon Web services) which defined cloud computing has enlisted a staggering number of partners and consistently rolls out features, making it attractive to the entire spectrum of customers. Though there exist many cloud providers worldwide, AWS remains the best and wisest choice. AWS commenced operations in 2006 and today serves millions of customers around the world. It provides low priced, real time and on demand access to web based computing services which incidentally are the same used by amazon.com

Obtaining the outsourcing advantages and flexible pricing – AWS offers automated virtualization and elastic pricing. As a result, businesses can have their systems up and running faster. Also, there is ease of management and decreased maintenance need. IT resources can calibrate IT resources according to fluctuating and unpredictable commercial demand. Moreover a lot of cost savings are achieved. As a result, enterprises has more resources to concentrate on their core business areas. The money saved can be used to foster constant innovation, which is a vital business ingredient.

A true cloud solution – Gartner, the foremost IT research and advisory firm in the world has proclaimed AWS as a frontrunner in completeness of vision and ability to ability to execute in the context of cloud computing. One of the major features of AWS is that it offers a true cloud based solution. Just like public utilities such as electricity and phones, the users have to only pay for what they use and there is no upfront cost or long term obligations.

Freedom of choice and availability of additional resources – Via AWS, firms can buy additional computing capabilities with Amazon EC2, data storage with Amazon S3 and miscellaneous services such as Amazon Glacier. These additional resources offer high flexibility, so users have the freedom to choose the platform or application model that is most relevant to their businesses ensuring the fulfillment of business goals.

Sophisticated and potent security facility – AWS offers the highest level of data security. It incorporates the same security infrastructure of the Amazon retail business. The security architecture is designed to be thoroughly secure, sustain mind boggling speeds and ensure the infrastructure is effectively defended from malicious attacks. Another impressive credential is Amazon’s Level 1 PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. Merchants and other service providers have the facility to use PCI compliant technology infrastructure for storing, processing and transmitting credit card information in the cloud.

Adaptability and value for money – AWS can be used in many different ways as well as innovative ways. This could include the extension of existing data centers or putting up a backup data center in place. Even though the AWS platform is constantly growing, it is one of the most cost effective contemporary cloud based IT solutions at the disposal of businesses worldwide.

AWS is adding phenomenal amount of computing power daily and is likely to continue being the most reliable and preferred cloud solution provider in the future.

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