In-house IT or Cloud Computing: The Cloud Makes your Future Bright!

By | July 20, 2014

Change is inevitable. But the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new. The change gives us the opportunity to grow. With time, the way we manage our business affairs, IT requirements and customer services too have to be updated.

Today, cloud computing is in vogue and not without relevant reasons and benefits for your business enterprise. Whether it marks the end of in-house IT is not important. What is significant to understand is that it is certainly the beginning of Cloud Computing.

How well your in-house IT is being managed and also what your business requirements are define the fact whether you should make the switchover. But one thing is certain, being in the cloud brings you on the same stage as other large companies and brings new opportunities for your business to grow further. Remember, progress is impossible without change!

Benefits of Cloud Computing for your Business Enterprise

Let us analyze why it is important for your business to switch over to Cloud Computing:

cloud computing

Well, cloud-based users require in-house hardware for system access. What’s more, you will be able to easily match service levels as and when the need arises. You will enjoy the advantage of interoperability, availability, data portability along with enhanced security and cost reduction, without on-site IT investment.

Cloud-based technology is evolving and it is time you take the next step, embracing the latest in technology — networked, flexible and dynamic IT, controlled by the much experienced provider!

Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) aids you to outsource management of physical server assets to a much more experienced service provider. You actually save on time and cost, bringing in the opportunity to concentrate on your core business activities, customer care, faster business decisions and increased profitability in business.

You may site some reasons such as monthly hosting fees or the fact that in case your internet is down, you won’t enjoy access to the cloud server. But compare this to the time you have to spend handling routine IT services and upgrades. Cloud computing offers reliability by maintaining multiple copies of important data, bringing in more customers and business deals through use of mobile applications, social applications and cloud applications, 27/7 IT service, increased storage and automated system upgrades — In short, more efficiency, optimal performance!

With an in-house server, you will have to incur initial investment for software and hardware equipment, pay for IT professionals, renew software license, upgrade hardware and also bear the additional costs of maintenance.

You may think of not sharing sensitive information such as client’s health records/financial data, but you can be sure of high security with cloud servers. And be prepared for the increased business revenue!

Charles F. Kettering has said, ”People are very open minded about new things, as long as they are exactly like the old ones.” Yes! Change is difficult, but not changing is fatal for business… And now you know that progress is impossible without change.

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