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3 Major Benefits of MinRole Management with SharePoint 2016 Implementation

Over the years, SharePoint has been recognized as a great collaborative environment provided by Microsoft. With SharePoint 2016, it has put forth a great leap in ensuring the greater collaboration between the server roles by introducing MinRole Management. MinRole is a new farm topology, which is based on a set of predefined server roles in… Read More »

Get your sensitive business data protected using Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with SharePoint 2016

SharePoint is one of the popular collaborative software environments provided by Microsoft to the enterprises. It helps them in creating, storing and collaborating the business documents for an organization. These documents often contain sensitive business critical information, such as financial data or personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or… Read More »

How can Business Intelligence capabilities in SharePoint 2016 help you become market leader?

In the contemporary times, businesses usually face in the stiff competition from the peer enterprises. At the same time, they may find numerous opportunities available in the existing market space. Furthermore, an organization can grow only on the basis of marshaling the strength of their business activities, and by minimizing their weaknesses. Thus, to survive… Read More »

Seven reasons for you to upgrade SharePoint 2016

With the release of SharePoint 2016, a lot of customers have faced with the daunting question: should I upgrade to the most recent release? While we gave a deep dive into the upgrade and migration process, so we wanted to give you seven reasons why you should consider an upgrade. 1. Hybrid Cloud Support Growth… Read More »