Get your Business automated using Workflow development with Microsoft SharePoint

By | January 30, 2017

Every enterprise is required to furnish numerous business activities on a daily basis. They usually consist of a number of tasks. Here, a workflow, which is defined as a series of intermittent tasks leading to producing an outcome. Microsoft SharePoint provides tools for automating these workflows effortlessly. They make use of SharePoint site to help the users to manage the project tasks while collaborating key documents. As the flow of the works is automatically managed by the system, the users can focus on performing their tasks in a better way.

Let’s see how various departments in a business organization can improve their functioning by automating their processes:

•  Financial Management:

Financial management is the core business function of any enterprise. It acts as a watchdog for the smooth financial flow throughout the organization, as it keeps on issues directives needed to maintain the financial health by reducing risk factors.

SharePoint solutions for workflow management help the organization in improving financial data accuracy and visibility, and thus help controlling business expenses. As a result, they help the organization facilitating to ensure regulatory compliance.

•  Human Resource Management:

The Human Resource department is one of the most penetrating entity in an organization. Almost everyone is influenced by the information disseminated by this department. Digitalization of the workflows in HR department significantly reduce the administrative costs by eliminating paper works.  Furthermore, there are often multiple routine tasks when a new employee joins, such as- approving salaries, signing contracts, provisioning IT systems and training. These are time consuming tasks. So, implementing workflow development using Microsoft SharePoint technology, not only, expedites the process, but also, makes it error free. Now, the HR managers can focus more on the broader policy making, rather than, wasting their precious time on these repeated tasks.

•  Sales & Marketing Management:

Sales and marketing department are forerunner departments with sole aims to earn revenue for the business organization. The users may have to frequently communicate with numerous customers, leads, and vendors, so the automation of the entire business function is inevitable. This requires maintaining the vital information with fine details. Here, a SharePoint based workflow development system can easily automate various tasks like- bulk or personalized emailing, CRM management, Order and invoice processing etc.

•  Information Technology Management:

Today is the era of information revolution. IT infrastructure forms the skeleton to the information and communication system in the organization. However, the users often witness issues which are to be handled promptly to ensure the effective functioning of the entire enterprise.

Using workflow management in SharePoint, you can easily design and develop an IT help desk system needed to manage the IT related request and complaints. Thus, it helps in improving IT processes significantly. Consequently, the enterprises can optimize the IT expenses and time, along to mitigating risk due to unprecedented system failures. Furthermore, it helps in improving customer and user satisfaction. Last but the least, it improves the organizational productivity in a great way.

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