3 Major Benefits of MinRole Management with SharePoint 2016 Implementation

By | February 8, 2017

Over the years, SharePoint has been recognized as a great collaborative environment provided by Microsoft. With SharePoint 2016, it has put forth a great leap in ensuring the greater collaboration between the server roles by introducing MinRole Management.

MinRole is a new farm topology, which is based on a set of predefined server roles in SharePoint Sever 2016. It facilitates an easier sever management by allowing farm administrators to define specific roles for the servers in advance. SharePoint server 2016 has been optimized for the MinRole topology. Thus, it can automatically configure each server according to the respective roles, as previously determined.

Let’s discuss the key benefits that MinRole management brings to the organizations implementing SharePoint 2016. These are as follows:

1. Simple to Deploy:

As SharePoint 2016 has been designed to implement MinRole topology, users are not required to bother about which services should be assigned to which servers. As the server roles are predefined, SharePoint server 2016 itself takes care of everything about his. All you need to do to determine the functionality you want in your farm. Thus, the new version is far simpler to deploy than before.

2. Enhanced  Server Performance and Reliability:

SharePoint performance is depended on numerous factors like- CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network latency. As Microsoft has accumulated years of experience of operating SharePoint Online, SharePoint server 2016 has been optimized for the MinRole topology while considering and testing on the basis of the entire analytical data. This is how- the new topology has been successful in reducing the chances of network latency. Consequently, the servers working with new topology are far ahead in reliability counts.

3. Predicable Capacity Planning and Farm Scalability:

Microsoft 2016 provides a variety of recommended MinRole farm topologies for all kinds of customers, who are installing farms of varied sizes, viz. small, medium, and large-sized. For this, it brings out a more simplified capacity planning enabling the implementation of the new topology. Thus, by deploying your farm, you can now get benefits of more predictable and prescriptive roadmap of capacity planning for the servers.

Furthermore, it facilitates you to add more servers into your farm at point of time. SharePoint will automatically configure the additional servers for you. Thus way, the new topology helps in achieving scalability effortlessly.

To know more in details about the MinRole topology, please click here

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