What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016?

By | December 8, 2016

In an effort to smoothen work experience of the Dynamics CRM users, Microsoft has introduced numerous features for the business enterprises in the 2016 version. Also called as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a few of these are related to the enhancement in productivity and mobility offered by the system are as following:

Productivity features

1. Integration with Outlook:

An Email tracking app for Outlook is made available to bring contextual information from Dynamics CRM right into your outlook Inbox. So, you can track email from part of the globe with this app.

You can use this App for Outlook with:

  • Outlook Web app from a desktop or on your phone
  • The Outlook desktop application
  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac

Moreover, you can easily track incoming or outgoing email as well as add contacts from an email message. You can create CRM records, and can also track an email message to a new or existing CRM record.

 2. MS Excel Templates:

If you often create the same Microsoft Office Excel documents in CRM, such as forecasting sales, monitoring sales and project cash flows, you can make use of pre-formatted Excel templates to create Excel documents directly from CRM. Thus, you may speed up this task of creating Excel documents.

The best part here is that once a pre-formatted template is uploaded by system administrator, it can be shared with rest of the team members.

3.  MS Word templates:

Like MS Excel, you can also use MS Word templates with CRM to create the necessary documents for your organizational works. These standardized documents, such as quotes and contracts to work orders and invoices, are crucial parts of business communication inside and outside the company. This practice brings the system a great degree of productivity by using Word templates along with minimizing human errors significantly.

4. Use OneDrive for Business directly from CRM

With updated version, Dynamics CRM allows you to store the entire work data on the OneDrive for Business. This way, it facilitates the collaborative work culture, along with increased storage and security.

5. Make use of Office Delve to find trending documents

This lets you to get the most relevant and trending about the kind of work you are currently doing. Thus, it helps you in keep in pace with the competition. For this, you just need to add Office Delve to your dashboards.

Mobility features

The new version of CRM facilities you to have a seamless experience in utilizing CRM documents through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This is done through various apps which are compatible with Windows 10 and iOS 9 for Apple iPhone and iPad. A few benefits here are as follows:

1. Export data to Excel from CRM
Using the apps, you can now export data to Excel. The exported data can be open it in the Excel app on your mobile device.

2. Email a link to a page from CRM
An interesting feature that CRM 2016 brings you is to share any information from CRM database with one of your colleagues directly by sending email a link to the page.

In addition to above mentioned, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 offers many other useful features that can revolutionize the performance of your business organization. To know more or for 30-days free trial, contact us.


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