If you’re on the fence about choice of CRM, follow the article

By | December 7, 2016

Every business is built on customer relationship. They are striving to survive in this competitive marketplace, and thus need to build a strong customer service culture. The CRM software is the best solution to manage everything ranging from your clients to your contacts. Furthermore, it helps you handle your customer service, sales and marketing too.

While looking for your CRM tool, you must know what you need particularly for your business, and the features of a CRM tool those suits your business most. When other CRM tools can also be useful to your business, there are many reasons to prefer Microsoft Dynamics CRM software over them.

It has very flexible architecture, so you can easily customize it and can mold it to your business specific requirements. It helps you to achieve your business goals and improve productivity across your organization, streamlining your company-specific processes while taking your business to the next level. With customized CRM, the tasks those are being done manually can be automated, the data can be connected for detailed reports and better insight, and projects and invoices can be managed effectively.

It allows you to integrate with Office 365 and other Microsoft products. While other CRM have a handful of Microsoft plug-ins, Dynamics CRM provides you more thorough integration and better native functionality. The integration allows you to easily extract data from your CRM to other Microsoft Office productivity tools. This also offers you ability to leverage your CRM investment without the need for additional software.

Compared to other CRM software in competition, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM definitely holds itself when it comes to data visualization. In Dynamics 365, multiple visualizations can be attached to an entity. These can be viewed at the same time through the dashboard. In Dynamics 365 you can use both chart and a web resource as visualization. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also has complex reporting, allowing you to organize information into easy to understand and visual reports.

When other CRM tools are only available in cloud, you have choices with Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can opt between on-premise, private hosting, or CRM Online if you prefer SaaS.

Furthermore, Dynamics 365 equips you with better availability and global accessibility too. It gives you one simplified platform to manage, integrate and run all your applications, across all your devices. This is certainly a feature that other CRM can’t hold up to as good as Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with familiar and intuitive interface, helps you manage your customer interactions and maintain a profitable relationship with them. Unlike other CRM, Microsoft Dynamics works your way up strengthening your sales and marketing strategies and helps you respond to your customer requirements and complaints undoubtedly. This will contribute in delivering value services to customers and winning over your competitors.

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