How to find the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for your Business?

By | March 17, 2017

Getting the right CRM consultant always comes with a great strategic advantage for today’s business organizations, especially for those have to deal with countless customer queries on daily basis. Setting up an automated system like Dynamics CRM, which is designed to save numerous human efforts and time, is a smart business decision. But, at the same time, getting this system well in tune with the business requirements of your organization is an uphill task, and which can be done only by an experience CRM solution provider. Here comes the thesis of our discussion- how to find the best consultant for your business?

Let’s look into a few little reflections on this.

Consultant’s experience:

Perhaps the foremost step in choosing the right consultant is recognizing your own CRM implementation requirements. There may be multiple scenarios- you may have already been running CRM solution, and you need to upgrade it to avail the benefits of new features. You may be having some other CRM solution, and you wish to change it for Dynamics CRM. Or you might need to set up Dynamics CRM from scratch. Either way, it’s important to understand your own business requirements in great details. An experienced CRM consultant can readily grasp this, and design the most appropriate CRM implementation strategy. Moreover, if the consultant has rich experience in the industry you belong, this will like a boon.

Technical team expertise:

The CRM consultants may have different skill sets and strengths particularly related to the domain they are working. Make sure they have a pool of experts with adequate skill sets, expertise and experience that suit to your business requirements. It’s equally important that they must have handled the similar accounts previously, as only then they can be able to do precise analysis of issue areas while implementing the system. Realistic analysis is the only preventive measure against any unprecedented system failure.


There can be no better way to choose the right CRM consultant from among the members of Microsoft Partner Network. Yes! They are confirmed as official partners who provide the quality implementation and support services for the Microsoft-related products. Among them, Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are considered as the most highly accredited independent technical support providers. So, make sure that your consultant is one of these. If you find the one, you must rest assured of implementing successful CRM project.

Support services:

The development of a robust CRM solution is a continuous process, and so, the relationship between the consultant and the enterprise too, and it goes beyond mere implementation. The implementation is just the beginning, the real issues come later. They signal loopholes in the system, which need to be plugged-in immediately. Make sure that your consultant has accumulated huge experience in providing quality support services for Microsoft CRM to its clients.


Pricing of the solution cannot be ruled out as a key factor while choosing your CRM consultant. Make sure they are offering an affordable solution. Certainly, if you can find the right solution at the right price, you are sure in the direction of achieve competitive advantage over others.

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