Dynamics CRM for Not-for-Profit: Aiding in Transparency and Trust

By | August 19, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) aids in evaluation of market trends, marking out sales performance and also delivering superior customer services for increased profitability. This, in turn, automates business processes and also fuels customer care and their loyalty.

Need of Microsoft CRM in the Not-for-Profit Industry

Well, you may call such organizations as non-profit, Trust or a Co-operative. But one thing is certain that they have to abide by stringent rules which make it mandatory for them to document data about their work and cash flow through customized applications.

Microsoft CRM in the Not-for-Profit Industry

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the following benefits for Not-for-Profit Organizations:

  • Keeps stalk of donations and pledges.
  • Aids in fund-raising and campaign management.
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft products leads to enhanced collaboration, export data from CRM to Excel or generate automated e-mails to the various members.
  • Manages details about members, alumni, corporate supporters, volunteer hours, staff, beneficiaries etc.
  • Keeps abreast with volunteer activities, projects and schedules.
  • Information access from anywhere, even on mobile devices using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
  • Easy to retrieve graphs, metrics, reports and statistics along with sharing of other relevant information such as events, promotions etc.
  • Enhanced security as access for creation and modification of records can be managed and controlled.
  • Automatic Synchronization of upcoming events to, say, employee’s Outlook calendar.

You may be entitled to CRM Online non-profit pricing as a non-profit organization. Although, not-for-profit organizations do not have to deal with sales calls, they require Microsoft Dynamics CRM for keeping a track on monthly donations and total expenditure along with pushing to increase their membership list.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhances communication, tracks donations and pledges, improves donor participation keeping detailed account of past interactions, donor history and volunteer data etc. All this is possible owing to the robustness and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM which makes customizable dashboards and relationship management a reality!

An All-in-One Platform for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online enables centralized data management along with setting up alerts and notifications (e.g. for contacting donors), graphical dashboard, automated case management, easy integration with other platforms and streamlined access to client contact data. It actually acts as an all in one platform which helps not-for-profit organizations in various departments including accounting, volunteer management, fundraising and donor management and even association management.

An All-in-One Platform for Not-for-Profit Organizations

There is no doubt that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is as useful for the management and success of any non-profit organization as is in a business enterprise. This is because in any industry, relationships and collaboration are important features. In the not-for-profit organizations, CRM helps to foster marketing and fundraising campaigns, track upcoming events with automated e-mails, calendars, expenses involved while recording task completion history.

Although such organizations may have limited funds for administrative tasks, their accounting needs are taken care of with negligible reporting errors, management of income and expenses and other financial details. Proper tracking of donations, assets, grants, monetary transactions and expenses is carried out to ensure fiscal transparency — a must for ensuring everlasting support from donors and for their reputation!

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