CRM Integration with Office 365

By | August 21, 2014

It’s not enough to have skilled employees, but also the right tools which can boost the business performance. These days organizations actively engage in online marketing as well as online technical support. To help better understand the customer psychology and to build a strong relationship with customer, business enterprise needs a blend of skilled personnel along with the right tools to drive a business to success. With the right tools, one can easily solve the complex issues dealing with business.

Microsoft CRM with office 365 provides a better insight towards consumer psychology. Microsoft CRM, along with office 365, a cloud based service that includes office word and lync online helps in providing the business a drive for success. Microsoft CRM with office 365 unlocks the power of cloud productivity. It redefines the business performance at a completely different level. CRM solution boosts the business growth by enhancing the sales. This integration helps in better time management as well as it is a cost effective method. Data can be assessed even when are working offline. Also, with this integration, one can share important contacts listed in office 365. It provides flexibility to work.

The next big feature that makes it a valuable product is its familiarity with most of the working employees. Most companies are using Microsoft product. Thus, employees are quite familiar with the technology provided by Microsoft. This reduces the time and helps in saving the training cost.

It enables you to manage information related to customers, vendors, and products. This information proves valuable, while making a business strategy.

Features that make this product a worth to try are mentioned below:

BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY: As mentioned above, employees are familiar with most of the Microsoft tools. Thus, it gives an upper edge over other products. Employees work efficiently when they have better knowledge of tools.

TEAM ORIENTED : information can be shared among team members with the help of office 365, thus making a better team effort to boost customer relationship management. All important data, including contacts, calenders and customer information can be shared among team members which will help in boosting the business productivity.

SECURITY : It enhances the data security by providing password protected storage for important documents. Organizations don’t have to spend the lump sum amount of money to keep data safe.

EASY IT : CRM gets to a new level with office 365, which provides CRM with cloud based services. Organizations don’t have to set up extra servers to maintain the CRM.

INFORMATION THAT IS INSIGHTFUL AND ACTIONALBLE : Using real time analytics, CRM, along with office 365 helps in providing better insights over business strategy.

Microsoft dynamics is compatible with the latest software and technologies. Thus it easily fits with existing system, making the whole process cost effective. With office 365, one can access the data from remote locations. This helps in better business performance.

Analyzing the competitive market, it’s a better option to go ahead with integrated service of CRM and office 365. This service not only helps in data management, but also leads to greater insight over business strategy.

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