How to Pick Right Mobile Platform for your Mobile App

By | April 11, 2014

Right Platform for Your Mobile App

There is abundance in the universe — This holds true for the world of technology and especially the realm of building and launching applications. There are any number of mobile apps in the market today. Likewise, there are also as number of mobile platforms such as Windows mobile, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Sun J2ME etc. That’s lot of market space for making mullah as well as satisfy your creativity!

How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Mobile App

One has to analyse the pros and cons of every mobile platform and relating them to your application before arriving at conclusion. Here’s how:

  • Target Audience: Which audience do you want to target? If it is the mass market you have your eyes on, then Android and iPhone is ideal platform for you. However, for the business community who have constant access to internet, BlackBerry seems to be the right choice. Customer is king even on the web! The end user has to be given precedence over everything.
  • Technical Features: What all technical features would you want the app to embrace? Is it graphics you want to provide through your app? You have to check the technical features each mobile platform comprises of.
  • Financial Aspects: If money is the criteria for building the app, you should just target the mass market where you will find more takers for your product. If you work on usability in your app, a business user may not bat an eyelid before buying the app for the value it gives!
  • Long-Term Planning: Read between the lines — about future market trends. For instance, who could have predicted that Google Android would pick up so much business market in the presence of market leader Microsoft!
  • Scrutinize your Application: So, for selecting the right mobile platform, look for scalability and also level of security in your app. Create a balance between technology and business value. The end should be a great user experience!

Advent of Mobile Devices and Mobile Apps in the Market

The world is fast moving from Desktop to mobile devices. Thus, companies are constantly introducing innovative devices in the market. It is a good idea to choose a multi-channel approach that supports multiple new devices. With multi-channel apps, users derive a consistent experience. These mobile apps run on the device and integrate with GPS, camera etc.

Do you know that 73% of all apps revenue came from apple’s App Store? It is actually revenue Vs Visibility! For instance, Whatsapp, which is a messaging app, is available for free on Android platform. However, developing for Android is cumbersome as one has to plan for at least 400 handsets while programming. You have to find out about customer behaviour too — What do customers prefer more? iTunes or Google services such as Gmail, Maps and Calendar etc. Just ‘Follow the Customer!’

Today mobile platforms have an integrated environment and so, developers have to create apps for targeted platform audience. You can choose the one that gives superior mobile app development experience and which you feel is the best for your needs. Market trends change fast and there is competition out there. Base your decision on proper knowhow of mobile app development platforms and also latest advancements in the industry.

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