Enhance your Business productivity using Relationship Insights with Microsoft Dynamics 365

By | January 31, 2017

Customer Relationship is the corner stone to any business enterprise. A thorough understanding of it opens the gateway to the world of opportunities into this competitive corporate world. Recognizing the importance of the actionable insights into the customer relationship, Microsoft has been offering to numerous enterprise level solutions such as Dynamics CRM. Further, it has kept on improving them to meet the demands and challenges of the day. Among them, the recent one is the introduction of Relationship Insights Preview feature with Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has come up with a preview feature which aims to analyze the customer interaction data available in Dynamics CRM and Exchange database for finding the actionable insights into the business processes- sales, communication and support. Once it is configured and enabled, you can review action cards that can be found in the social pane in most of the primary records like- Opportunities, Accounts and Cases. These cards provide a summary of expected events, neglected records, and therefore they suggests the appropriate actions.

Thus by allowing the users continuously analyze the customer interaction data which has already been stored in the Dynamics 365 Microsoft Exchange Systems, this feature helps you to understand your businesses better. You find a comparative analysis of the historical and current data to determine the best course of action.

Relationship Insights includes the following three features:

1 .  Relationship Assistant-

This is designed to generate interactive action cards, using the data analytics and artificial intelligence. These cards present key information, advice and action buttons regarding your ongoing activities, scheduled activities, and other current activities. It has been provided with capability to screen the incoming email messages using natural language processing to figure out the key information, like- travel plans, customer requests, any competitor mentioned, among others.

2 .  Email Engagement-

This is designed to create effective emails. This is how it helps sales and support users to engage improved email communications with the customers. Some specific features it owns are- delivery scheduling, follow-up alerts and the ability to see when the contacts open the messages and attachments sent by you. Dynamics 365 utilizes special techniques which helps you in tracking your communications with the customers. Now, you can easily find out when your email message was opened, when each link was clicked, and when each attachment was opened.

This way, you can get the best out of your email communication, and leading to the more productive email marketing.

3 .  Auto Capture-

This is introduced to automatically find the email messages from your Outlook mailbox which are relevant to the Dynamics 365 record you are currently viewing. This intends to provide you a comprehensive picture of email messages along with all the others activities related to a given record. Here, each message remains private and visible only to you unless you convert it to a tracked email. Once you do it, that particular email will be visible to the rest of your team members.

Auto capture works by querying your Microsoft Exchange account each time you open the Activities column for a record in Dynamics 365. The query looks for messages that relate to the record you are looking at.

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