Empower your business and ERP solution with Power BI

By | December 12, 2016

Every business produces a vast amount of data that needs an appropriate means so that it can be accessed properly. Are you wondering, you have all this data and are struggling to process it and extract useful information from it?

If you are using an ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, then Power BI is the right solution you need in order to work on this data and to gain a comprehensive insight into your business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 even provides with Power BI integrated to it.

Power BI helps to collate and analyze data from a wide range of sources. You can aggregate all your email client, web analytics and supply chain data in real-time from one location. Power BI provides with a highly interactive dashboard from where you can have a complete view of the entire information. You can also customize to display them depending on your needs. Apart from collaborating visual aids, it has various other features those can be useful to your business:

• Quick Setup
Because of its template driven interface, you can quickly create the flow of your data into Power BI. With this, you can easily extract your data using ERP, CRM etc.

•  One page, one view
Whatever the source may be, Power BI will bring all that information at a single location for you.

•  Real-time updates
Power BI dynamically picks up data from all the sources in real-time. The edits to the information can be viewed through Power BI dashboard.

•  Mobility
You can access Power BI from any device whether tablets, phones or PC and laptops.

So, with these many features, it offers numerous benefits to your business.

•  It centralizes your data and offers unique insight into your business.
•  With entire data collected at one place, making decisions become easier. You can also feed your sales reports or marketing statistics into Power BI so that you can have all the information needed for better decision making.
•  You get better business insights anywhere with a single touch of a button.
•  It also helps you cut costs as it’s available at affordable prices that too with a monthly subscription.

And here, if you want to know more on how Microsoft Dynamics NAV and BI work cohesively to enable you making the best decisions for your business, please click here.

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