Top 10 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV as Your Wholesale Distribution Accounting Software

By | August 6, 2014

One of the issues faced by many businesses, small or medium, is the lack of a good business management system that goes beyond basic finance and accounting capabilities. It’s a fact that no two businesses are alike; therefore their business processes and needs are also different. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning software that has incorporated a host of functionality to help the small and medium businesses meet their specific needs. Not only that it is one of the most cost effective solutions that is available today.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning software solution designed for small and medium sized wholesale distribution businesses. This software is easy to configure and implement. It has many inherent features which are flexible and very simple to use. Here we look at some of the reasons why you should choose MS Dynamics NAV as your partner in meeting your financial requirements.

1. Provision of powerful financial and accounting reporting tools– Benchmarked against entry level financial software, MS Dynamics NAV has hundreds of more reports. These can be viewed in real time leveraging an integrated intranet business portal. This software comes with a host of powerful financial reporting tools. These tools include value-added tax facilities, general journal, recurring journals and more.

2. Powered by MS Office – Smooth integration with Microsoft Office software. As the software is well integrated with MS Office, it is able to boost businesses in terms of efficient and effective business reporting. Also, this software contains SQL Database which drives the SQL reporting service which is a gold standard in the domain of reporting.

3. Enforcing compliance with industry regulations – Mandated regulations may not apply to your distribution company. However, you may have to document compliance if you are dealing with companies that are under the purview of the regulations. This software supports regulations which include Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II Compliance and others.

4. Knowledge is power – Your distribution company gets access to exhaustive and the latest financial data, enabling you to make sound financial decisions. You will know what the current trends are and leverage them to full effect.

5. On the go customization -This software allows you to add functionality on the go and is customized to meet your spectrum of business objectives.

6. Saving valuable time and money – Microsoft Dynamics NAV accounting software is geared up to minimize the time and effort of accounting work. Also, you are able to track fiscal achievements and comply with business and regulatory related terms.

7. Fixed assets management – This software takes care of the entire lifecycle of your fixed assets.

8. Improve financial position – It has features for promoting efficiency and improve your monetary resources with the help of flexible and integrated functionality.

9. Better control over monetary resources -One of the features of this software is the optimization of cash flow. This is achieved via streamlining processes and monitoring customer inflows.

10. Go global -Thanks to built-in multi-currency support it becomes convenient to operate in International markets as well as simplify global transactions.

As your company grows conventional accounting software cannot keep up with desired functionality, performance and speed. You need to upgrade to a more robust and powerful ERP for use by your distribution company. MS Dynamics NAV has sound credentials and the capability to meet all the challenges and goals in a satisfactory and reliable manner.

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