What’s new Microsoft has to offer with Dynamics GP 2016 R2?

By | January 6, 2017

With the new release of Dynamics GP 2016 R2, many users have been wondering what new they are going to get. If you too are anticipating something then there is great news for you. Microsoft has implemented several new enhancements and functionalities requested by the users in its Dynamics 2016 R2 release.

Dynamics GP 2016 R2 will give you exactly what you wanted and will prove to be a smart investment for your business. It will optimize your daily financial and operational processes with its new and powerful features and capabilities. GP 2016 R2 offers better integration with other Microsoft products like Office 365 and Azure while improving collaboration using BI reporting.

It builds on comprehensive new business management functionality with workflows, features, and capability enhancements.

With Dynamics GP 2016 R2, web client finally gets Power BI on homepage. This feature enhancement is the highlight of the recent release. As it allows Power BI reports to be accessed from the homepage providing better insight into business. Also, its new HTML5 web client offers improved access through cloud. Dynamics GP 2016 R2, for the first time is bringing these two compelling features together.

The new web client and companion apps can be accessed from multiple mobile platforms empowering your workforce with the ability to contribute easily from anywhere and anytime. It enables you to have web access without worrying about your security and control of IT.



•  Refined process for reconciled transaction maintenance

•  Ability to attach https reports in Management Reporter

•  Track down Bank reconciliations and able to remove transactions

•  Save Fixed Asset ID with suffixes other than 1

•  Ability to prevent double posting of mandatory arrear transactions

•  Advanced Look-ups have SmartList Designer Lists

•  Alert with user name, when a batch is edited by another user


•  Tax percentage used at that time when drilled into the sales transaction tax details

•  Ability to cancel a purchase order line quantity when it is linked to a purchase requisition

Human Resources and Payroll

•  Tracks history on terminations and require date information

•  Print W-2s using a self-service report without using the pre-printed form through Payroll administrators

•  When posted from payroll, integration to payables enables 1099 information to be added to vendors

Project Accounting

•  Distributions are added for each transaction and reflect on trial balance

•  Time-sheet status report is provided

Other major and additional features it has to offer its users are:


•  It requires password to modify a SmartList favorite thus provides improved control and security

•  Added new and more secure connection for rendering your financial data thus improving Management Reporter   security


•  Gives you flexibility of choice of deployment models i.e. you can choose between On Premise or in the Cloud, or even a combination of both, as per your business requirements.

•  It also provides better integration with other Microsoft products and services.

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