Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation: Services for Assured Business Success!

By | September 10, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a flexible, collaborative, easy-to-use, reliable solution development framework. Dynamics CRM enables you to focus on areas of sales, marketing and customer service or help desk. The system can be customized to meet specific requirements of your business.

This comprehensive and integrated system enables you to collaborate with customers and employees, take informed and faster business decisions and share information across departments thereby improving myriad business processes and generating profits.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM Guided Implementation

Dynamics CRM Implementation requires a simple yet clear methodology for successful implementation of a flexible and familiar solution, management of projects in an efficient way while also meeting customer expectations. Dynamics CRM can be integrated with other Microsoft Products such as Microsoft-Outlook, Microsoft Dynamic Nav, Microsoft SharePoint etc.

Dynamics CRM Implementation involves the following:

Dynamics CRM Implementation

But why is implementation needed?

Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an all powerful platform, customization and implementation are still required. Implementation entails analysis of business needs, knowledge of business targets the enterprise set to achieve, understanding the process and workflow and implementing changes.

Dynamics CRM Implementation is carried out by Microsoft Certified implementation specialists. It is integrated with our existing IT system, after which more emphasis can be given to core business processes. Dynamics CRM Implementation to your business workflow involves Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Operation.

Workflow rules are created which deliver streamlined daily business operations. Customers are kept well informed about product launches and service offerings and business managers run marketing campaigns or customize the user interface. Thus, there is marked up gradation in sales, marketing and customer service.

How does Dynamics CRM Implementation help your Business

Your business enterprise will never remain the same with Dynamics CRM Implementation! Yes, improvement is certain with e-mail sent, lead capture, more focus on areas which will fetch your ROI (Return on Investment) and campaign management.

You will be able to update customer records while the centralized customer information will keep you abreast with service history and customer interactions thereby furnishing better customer service.

The customer management lifecycle is simplified, targeted campaigns and service scheduling enable to optimize performance and Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, Exchange, .NET ad Microsoft Office enhances reliability.

Automated Processes, Profitability with Dynamics CRM Implementation

From targeting to the right leads and prospects, ascertaining follow-up processes to automation of sales activities — your business enterprise is empowered for powerful system workflows!

  • Human errors are eradicated, so is duplicate data entry and there is an overall improvement in quality of data.
  • The need for entering identical data into multiple applications is also done away with.
  • What remains is a single interface which renders updating and configuring applications much simpler to the joy of administrators.
  • E-mails, tasks and contacts, appointments, etc. can be managed from anywhere and everywhere — from your mobile, internet browser or Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Multiple deployment options include On-Premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or Private Cloud (SaaS) Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Updated information enables you not only to upgrade MS Dynamics CRM, but also ensures that your business organization stays steadfast to best practices, foresees business prospects, makes the best out of trading opportunities and progresses!

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