Magnify your sales volume with social selling: Implement Dynamics CRM LinkedIn Integration

By | January 3, 2017

Welcome to the era of social selling. Get the best out of your selling efforts, by means of accessing the social networks. This can be achieved by integrating your sales tool Dynamics CRM with the most reliable Social Network LinkedIn seamlessly. Microsoft has devised LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to optimize your selling endeavors.

In a study conducted on social selling, it was observed that:

•  Use of social media networks helps creating 45% more selling opportunities for sellers.

•  Probability of reaching the target increases 51% more than before.

•  Social sellers outperform others who don’t use social media for selling purposes.

So, to boost your sales process and achieve high sales targets, you just need to import and configure the application – LinkedIn for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This hardly requires more than 15 minutes. And for this, the users are required to sign up for Sales Navigator Team accounts.  Additionally, JavaScript should be enabled in your browser, whereas pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer should be disabled. The solution works well with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, 2015, or 2016 online and on-premises.

After installing the application, users need not to switch between multiple tabs and browsers to gather key profile, connection, and activity information about your leads and accounts. Thus, it allows you view LinkedIn information about leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities directly in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Here, a few key benefits of application for the users are as follows:

•  They can view a lead or contact and automatically see his or her LinkedIn profile and company profile on the same page.

•  They can also search for their lead or contact. And once they have connected the lead or contact to a LinkedIn profile, the profile will be visible for all users in their environment.

•  They can search for their lead or contact’s company. And once they have connected the company to a LinkedIn company profile, the profile will be visible for all users in your environment.

•  They can view an account or opportunity and automatically, also see the LinkedIn company profile on the same page.

•  The application allows the users to view an activity stream for each of their accounts and opportunities.

•  Further, Users can also narrow down the activity stream to only show activity from contacts in their accounts.

The application helps you keep focused on the right people, and save time by avoiding non-serious leads. As LinkedIn is known as the platform for genuine people, you will also get the true customer insights which help you in devising the right sales strategy. Building the trusted relationships with the customers is an additional advantage that you will get while using this application.

This application essentially integrates the key capabilities of a CRM software and an online social network. This way, users can capitalize their inherent social skills with state-of-the-art technology, and ultimately, lead to a see-wave fortune to the organization.

To know more on social selling by way of Microsoft Dynamics CRM-LinkedIn integration, please click here.

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