10 reasons to migrate CRM Data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

By | March 8, 2017

Choosing a cloud based CRM solution for your CRM business functions has its inherent advantages of capitalizing the advanced researches in cloud computing technologies, such as- reducing hardware needs, dedicated IT resource to maintain it, mobility, scalability, and many more. This is particularly required when a company matures and grows in size. This leads to surface a number of issues and problems.

Let’s look into the major reasons with a little more details:

1. Mobility:

Dynamics CRM online can be accessed through web browser or mobile app. This way, it keeps the pace with the user mobility. As today’s organizations are predominantly consisting the mobile workers, supporting this enables the organizations facilitate flexible work culture.

2. Global accessibility:

Yes! You can access you Dynamics CRM account from any part of the globe through web browser and Mobile app. This makes your ability to be present all across the globe. Being available for customers at such a wide geographical regions, you can do your business to the way you want.

3.  Scalability:

Your business grows with each passing day, and you are required to management a larger customer base every time. While implementing traditional CRM software, you can’t get the ability to scalability. However, with CRM online, you can expand your business to any scale almost instantly.

4. Flexibility:

One important feature of Dynamics CRM software is its flexibility to navigate the Data between on-premises and online. The architecture of this solution is designed in such a way that the migration does not affect the customization features, and setup etc.

5. Easy to upgrade:

By implementing CRM Online, you can keep yourself away from worries of upgrading system. Every new version is automatically and immediately updated by Microsoft with or without additional subscription charges.

6)  CRM LinkedIn Integration:

After the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft, Dynamics has come up with additional benefits of capitalizing the access to the largest and most authentic social network for its CRM solution. As the primary function of CRM is to reach the potential customers, none else can facilitate as LinkedIn can do. In a nutshell, some of the key benefits are- lead generation, data accessibility, automated LI processes, lead scoring, trending themes.

7 ) Assured high uptime:

Since Microsoft guarantees 99.9 % uptime service level agreement, you can rest assured of CRM’s availability.

8.)  Secure cloud storage:

Your CRM data is stored securely on Microsoft cloud, which is maintained by state-of-the-art data security software.

9) Easy Data recovery:

You data is stored safely on your local Microsoft data centers. However, it is also maintained at other servers in various copies. Furthermore, you data is backed up periodically. All these efforts are undertaken by Microsoft to make easier data recovery in case of any exigencies or system failure.

10)  24*7 support

A team of dedicated Microsoft service engineers keep on 24*7 monitoring of the entire Dynamics CRM. This helps in establishing a robust solution for the users. However, they are always available to support for any user issue.

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